Thursday, May 30th, 2019

When Devon puts on a jazz album, Elena feels like ‘swaying’. It wasn’t a hint, she says when Devon gets up to extend a hand. This is, he pulls her up to dance. Do you like it? she asks as they cling to one another. I like you, Devon whispers – I didn’t realize how much I needed this ~kiss~ Devon looks at the staircase like he’s seen a ghost. He has – Hilary stands there, watching. Devon? Devon? Elena’s confused.

Both confused and stammering, Elena thinks it time to get some sleep – you should too, she runs upstairs leaving Devon to look conflicted.

Sharing dating horror stories, Abby thinks she’s cursed. All of her past relationships have imploded. At least Nate’s made it clear that he’s pursuing her. Nate wasn’t ready before but he is now. He’s not interested in playing games. Neil left him the penthouse and a seat on the board. Abby’s sure he’ll love it. You have ethics, logic, decency – that’s all you need. Being on a board can be powerful and sexy, Abby flirts as she drinks her wine.

Mariah turns the light off and gets busy with Tessa.

Dinner over, Abby declines a walk in the park and help with paperwork (I’ve got it covered) Sent home with a kiss on the cheek, Nate leaves smiling (as Abby watches from inside)

Sharon answers her phone – Chelsea is that you? There’s something you need to know.

Still in the tackhouse, Adam gets a call – you were right. The person you’re looking for (Chloe Mitchell) is alive. You’ve found her? Adam wants to know everything.

Next Week: At Society, Billy asks the kids if they’re ready for Mom and Dad’s big party. Yes! they chorus…. Adam tells Phyllis that he’s wanted to set this town on fire for a long time. I’ve got the gasoline. Want to be my match? …..If there is nothing seriously wrong with you, look me in the eyes and say so, Nikki challenges Victor.