Friday, May 31st, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Billy’s found Jack’s Jabot Collective files for today’s launch. Vikki’s busy on her laptop; working on invites for their recommitment ceremony. She doesn’t want it to sound too ‘ponderous’. Traci appears – did I hear right? Are you two getting hitched again? Kinda – just without the paperwork, Billy informs. Happy to hear it, Traci leaves the happy duo to kiss – and hope that Adam leaves GC to find Chelsea.

Is this a bad time? Sharon drops by Adam’s to update that Chelsea returned her call. Good – how did she react to the news that I’m still alive? a bare-chested Adam asks.

Chelsea was as shocked as the rest of us, Sharon’s sorry to say that she’s remarried. Where is she?! Adam demands. Sharon doesn’t know – she has a new name and a new husband who legally adopted Conner. She doesn’t want you to find her. Adam raises his voice – you know what Chelsea meant to me! You’re acting like you don’t want me to have them back in my life again! Rey watches through the window.

In his office, Jack’s told that all systems are a go on Summer’s end – the launch will be a huge hit; great products sell themselves. Kyle’s still working with IT to track down the owner of the knock-off site to serve the cease and desist. The copycat site was created right here in GC, he adds (making Summer look nervous)

Phyllis is looking at her website on her laptop when Lauren marches into CL’s – tell me it’s done – the site’s taken down! I’m saving you from yourself. There’s no justification for this. Phyllis disagrees – I was fired without severance. An attack on Jabot is an attack on me, Lauren’s pissed. If the site remains up, she’ll stop protecting Phyllis and so will Mike! Are we clear!? she storms out without waiting for an answer.

Billy and Vikki take a break from collaborating on their invitations to again discuss Adam. Billy’s proud of the way Vikki handled it – he just wants to focus on celebrating their love and recommitment to one another. That’s it! Perfect! Vikki finishes typing and both hit ‘send’ with a laugh and a kiss.

As Rey continues to watch, Adam gets increasingly angry as Sharon explains that Chelsea doesn’t want to see him (or uproot Connor’s life) It will be nothing but heartache if you pursue this, she worries. When Victor calls with important things to discuss, Adam immediately agrees to see him. Muttering ‘sorry’, Sharon scurries out.

Still at Jabot, Summer and Jack are debating whether Phyllis is behind the website when Lauren, Kyle and Billy arrive for the launch of the Jabot Collective website. 5,4,3,2 … all cheer, hug and pat one another on the back. I miss working together, we make a great team, Summer takes the opportunity to whisper in Kyle’s ear.

On the CL’s patio, Traci types as a black and white scene plays out behind her. Iris and Flynn (Lily and Cane) discuss the case. Your husband is lying about the locket being stolen; his new bimbo probably has it, Flynn says. Iris wants the facts so she can be done with her PI ex (Flynn)