Friday, May 31st, 2019

We needed to follow our own paths, Kyle really hopes Summer will one day be in love like he and Lola. Summer claims that her comment was just about work – but thanks for the pep talk, coach. As Kyle excuses himself to see how many hits the website has, Theo calls ‘gorgeous’. Surprise; I’m in town – and guess who I have with me. Jack’s announcing a celebration at the house later when Summer runs out – still on her phone, asking Theo where he is so she can pick him up to go celebrate. Team Abbott notes that the copycat site is still up but inactive. Jack’s still worried Phyllis will find a way to spoil the day. Lauren’s the only one convinced that she’s learned her lesson.

Sharon’s surprised to find Rey home instead of working. Rey WAS working; watching Adam.

At Society’s bar, a tipsy Phyllis is surprised Billy isn’t celebrating the launch of Jabot Collective. That’s why he’s there – to order food for the party. Phyllis finds it ‘galling’ that the guy who embezzled from Jabot gets to play hero. Billy finds it galling that she bribed money from him to start her company whose sole purpose is to rip off Jabot. Phyllis has better things to do with her time (and wobbles off unsteadily)

Sharon could tell that Adam was crushed to hear that Chelsea didn’t want to see him. I feel bad for him. He has no one else to turn to. Rey knows enough about Adam to know he’s manipulative and not to be trusted (I hope you don’t trust him either) When his phone goes off, Rey has to go see Nick. Don’t let me stop you, Sharon then wonders if Rey’s worried she’ll fall back in love with Adam. No, but the more excuses Adam finds to see Sharon, the more Rey worries he’ll manipulate her.

Here I am, Adam’s asked to close the office door and take a seat. Victor’s thought about his request to help him take Christian from Nick and has decided they need to work our a compromise. I understand you need to claim your son but put yourself in Nick’s shoes – he’s the only Father Christian’s known (and that was YOUR idea) It would be cruel. He’s my son and nobody – not you, not Nick – is going to take that away from me, Adam vows.

Still on the patio, Traci beams as her fingers fly over the keyboard. You’re married to a snake, Flynn tells Iris but denies he’s jealous of that bum. That bum’s got me, Iris gives Flynn a kiss to remind him of what he’s missing. Velma appears to assure Flynn that they’ll find the locket, don’t you worry. As for that woman, she’s a lost cause – she treats you like a chump and I can’t stand it. Don’t you get it?! Velma grabs Flynn by the lapels. It’s you, it’s always been you!

Please think about it. You can be part of Christian’s life without taking him from Nick, Victor implores. Adam scoffs at the idea of Nick telling ‘Uncle Adam’ when he can see his own kid. And he won’t lie to his son like Victor did to him. Victor never denied he was Adam’s Father – that was Hope’s decision. You changed the paternity test because you knew Nick would be a stable Father to Christian. When Victor persists in saying it would be damaging to Christian, Adam complains that Chelsea said the same things re: Connor. Sharon talked to Chelsea? Victor’s surprised and sorry to hear the results of the call. That said, he points out that Chelsea grieved before finally finding someone to move on with her life. Like you left me alone when you found me in Vegas?! Adam oozes sarcasm.

At home, Jack’s jubilant – it’s official, Jabot Collective is a success. He reads out a text from Ashley – who might buy a scarf from their darling little storefront. He then tells Kyle and Billy that he’s sending her a screenshot of the website’s hits. Let the numbers speak for themselves. Summer arrives with Theo and Natalia. After talk of her ‘gargantuan following’ online, Lauren arrives to greet Natalia and share the story of how they met one another at a trade show. As all pick up glasses of bubbly, Phyllis barges in to grab one to toast the astonished gathering; to each and every one of you – may you all get exactly what you deserve.

Put it together! a frustrated Velma scolds Flynn – why do you think I’m always around to give you a shoulder when you need one? Wishing, always wishing. You’re a dumb lunk chasing after bimbos. I love you. I’ve always loved you. Flynn grabs Velma and gives her a kiss. No, no, no, no, Traci gasps and covers her mouth in horror as she hits the delete button.