Friday, May 31st, 2019

Ignoring Jack’s order to ‘leave’ and that she’s embarrassing herself, Phyllis rants ‘n raves at the group. She expected better of her daughter – and her friend, Lauren; who asks if she’s been drinking. Billy knows the answer to that. Telling Theo and Natalia to go back to New York, Phyllis assures all that there WILL be a day of reckoning. Goodnight, she marches back out.

Giving the matter time sounds like delaying to Adam. He forwards Chelsea’s number to Victor (who then gives him a project to ease himself back into the company) Vikki’s a wonderful girl – she’ll put differences aside for the company. Adam doesn’t believe that. I’m on my own here; you and Sharon are my only allies (and I use that word loosely) I can live without your Fatherly advice. Best thing I can do is distance myself from all of you! In the hallway, Adam updates Vikki that dear old Dad wanted him to work on two of her projects. I told him to forget it. I’m done with all this. Adam has no stomach for the family’s resentments and will use Vikki’s 50 million to start his own venture. Congrats Sis – you got what you wanted.

Billy leaves, then Kyle. Say ‘hi’ to Lola for me, Summer chimes, then apologizes to Jack for her Mom’s intrusion. No need – your Mom owes YOU an apology. Jack then thanks Theo and Natalia for coming. After those three files out, Jack’s left to ask Lauren if Phyllis was behind the knock off website. Yes, and Lauren confronted her (and is near tears over the spat with her friend) Declining another drink, Lauren has to go. As Jack shows her to the door, they agree – it was a good day.

Returning to the tackhouse, Adam gets a text; ‘found what you’re looking for. Next move’? Stay on it. Will be in touch, Adam replies and exits the tackhouse in a hurry.

Rey’s welcomed home with a hug. Sharon doesn’t like how they left things earlier and reassures that she won’t let Adam use her. You have nothing to worry about ~kiss~

Driving her car, Phyllis is distracted with turning the radio station when she looks up into oncoming lights. Tires screech as she swerves.

Was Adam on the level? Did he really just walk away? Vikki grills her Dad. When Victor defends Adam, she becomes angry – Adam’s the one who started with the threats. He’s not the victim, she worries – you’re setting yourself up. Victor doesn’t need protection from his own son.

Her car in a ditch, Phyllis climbs out of the passenger door. What the hell’s wrong with you!? Why did you cut me off like that!? You…. she mutters when she stops staggering long enough to recognize Adam.