Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Adam?! Who taught you how to drive? You almost killed me?! Phyllis shouts on the side of the road. How would you know? You were busy fiddling with the radio? Adam retorts – then confirms that Phyllis isn’t injured. Good to see you too, he smirks – and maybe I AM ‘greeting you at the gates of hell’.

Nick assumes Victor hasn’t shown up so late unannounced for a social call. Something tells me I’ll need this drink, he opens a beer – and isn’t surprised (or sympathetic) that he’s been arguing with Adam. His feud with his brother won’t end anytime soon. All Nick wants to know is what Adam’s latest scheme is.

The party at Society is in fill swing when Summer arrives with Theo and Natalia. Ordering shots, she joins the couple on the dance floor. It’s going to be a dumpster fire, Abby pastes a smile on as she watches.

I’m a picture of sobriety, Phyllis looks woozy. And I’m a Picasso, Adam invites her back to his place – for coffee and something to eat (he quickly clarifies) Why should I trust you? Phyllis is leery. OK – drive home drunk or hitch a ride with a stranger – no skin off Adam’s back. Wait, Phyllis grunts as he’s about to leave.

Victor finds it upsetting that none of his kids will give Adam the benefit of the doubt. Nick fumes – if he takes the devil’s bargain, he and Victor will both lose a son and you lose a grandchild (if Adam leaves town with Christian) Victor thinks Adam’s bluffing – he’s been barely making a living gambling then comes home to get shot and to hear that Chelsea and Connor have moved on. Nick’s question of how Adam got Chelsea’s number goes unanswered. Nick admits that would be hurtful – but Adam can’t fill that void with Christian. Victor’s not there to suggest Nick hand Christian over.

Back at the tackhouse, Adam wonders what Phyllis was running from. GC, she snarls. You have friends and family here – things can’t be that bad, Adam chides. I’m persona non grata – I can’t beat them or joins them, she whines. Embrace it (Adam implies that he has)

Natalia posts a group selfie for her followers and with Theo at the bar for more shots, asks Summer about the hot mess back at the house. My Mom’s not usually like that, Summer squirms. Whatever you say, Natalia’s unconvinced. Spotting Kyle, Theo drags him over. I’m just here to pick up Lola, Kyle plays stick in the mud as Theo gyrates in what I suppose is dancing.