Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Plodding around the dance floor half-heartedly, Kyle’s asked how he knows Summer (Natalia detects it goes beyond work) Shouting over the music, Summer tells the tale of the son of the CEO convincing her to marry him – then divorcing her after she donated her liver to Lola. Enjoy the rest of your night, Kyle pauses briefly to hope Nate’s night goes better than his. Abby then joins Nate to update that he’s just in time for the finale of a trainwreck. Both watch Summer toss back another shooter.

After chit chat about Adam’s bacon sandwich, a now sober Phyllis wonders why he came back to GC for his second chance. This place is paradise for pariahs like us – nothing to prove – nothing to lose, Adam suggests she stick around; break some hearts, step on some necks. You could own this place. You just have to reach out and grab it.

Victor’s asked Adam not to pursue custody of Christian but he’s in all or nothing mode. Nick corrects his Dad – your kids aren’t all battling – we’re all battling against Adam. If you really want to ‘help’ get Adam to stand down. Nick doesn’t need protection but Vikki does – she’s afraid Adam will usurp her at NE. Is something going on we don’t know about? Victor has his reasons (for bringing Adam back etc.)

If something’s going on, Nick needs to know so he can help. Victor’s saved when Christian toddles in. Bad dream? Daddy will always protect you, Nick promises. That’s what family does, Victor chimes in – but don’t look for monsters where there aren’t any. Unimpressed, Nick akes Christian back for bed.

Adam updates Phyllis that he offered to leave GC in return for money, Chelsea and Conner’s whereabouts – and Christian. He’s MY son, he corrects. Phyllis is sceptical of Adam’s odds against the united Newman kids. Adam’s sad when adding that Chelsea’s remarried; her husband adopted Connor. Enough about me – who’s on your hit list?

Now home, Lola fusses over Kyle – why are you so gloomy? Jabot Collective is a big deal – you didn’t talk all the way home. It’s Summer, she guesses. Lola saw her drinking and dancing – I worry about her too.

At the bar, Summer rejects her kindly surgeon’s offer of water in favour of another round of shots. Good night doc, she sing-songs then rejoins Natalia and Theo (who decides to call it a night) Natalia volunteers to go back to Theo’s room to continue the party? You in? he leers at Summer with obvious intent.

You’re becoming one of my best customers, Abby pours Nate a drink. Enquiring about a second date, Nate’s phone pings. Abby’s smile turns upside down – should I pretend I didn’t read that? Why does my Dad need to start treatment with you!? she scowls.

The innocence of babes, Victor wishes he could sleep like Christian (who Nick’s put back to bed) Why does he put up with Adam’s BS? Victor changes the subject to Vikki’s recommitment party or whatever she’s calling it. At least it’s not legally binding – she can easily kick him to the curb. Nick again moans about his Dad always taking Adam’s side. What’s mine is mine. Nick doesn’t mind going this alone but who knows what Adam will pull next.

Chelsea thought you were dead, Phyllis points out (but understands what it’s like to lose something you thought you’d have forever) Encouraged by Adam, she tells the story of how she was Jabot’s CEO for a brief time – Ashley/Kerry’s role in her being let go without severance – Jack’s role in her downfall with her new accessory company. What does she want? Respect. No – success – if they can’t love you make them fear you. Adam’s wanted to set this town on fire for a long time. I’ve got the gasoline – want to be my match?