Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Lola’s sorry to hear that Summer’s ‘rampaging’ Mom went after her like she was an enemy – she was mean and belittling on a day Summer should be celebrating. She gets hurt then goes wild and gets in trouble (just like her Mom) Lola’s OK with Kyle talking about Summer but isn’t jealous. She’s an emotional vampire. It’s always a crisis and emergency – demanding your attention. Summer’s an adult and not your responsibility. Set her free to stand on her own two feet. Brilliant, Kyle agrees – just one of the reasons I love you ~kiss~

Theo and Summer arrive at his site laughing about their run in with Devon in the elevator. When Summer pulls her phone out to call Natalia, Theo stops her – you’re the one I want to chill with ~kiss~

Phyllis isn’t interested in teaming up with Adam – I’m nothing like you. He disagrees – it wasn’t coincidence that we ran into each other on the highway. You could have left a long time ago. I can give you legitimacy, respect and success. What does Adam need from Phyllis? He wants her to hack into Dark Horse. Phyllis doesn’t want to further antagonize Nick. How does a million sound? Adam offers.

Back at Society, Abby’s pissed that Nate can’t tell her about her Father’s health. Tell me what kind of treatment he needs, Abby implores. If you want answers, go to the source, Nate says. Gladly, Abby runs to greet her Dad as he arrives. Reassured that there’s nothing to worry about, she hugs Victor.

Kyle hands Lola a wrapped gift box to celebrate their one year anniversary of living together – a photo frame. Lola’s ready – how do I look? Like the happiest woman on earth. They pose for a photo.

Also taking selfies, Summer tosses her phone aside – she has a better idea (and kisses Theo as they lay on the bed)

Victor claims that he pulled a muscle in his back – Nate recommended physiotherapy. A relieved Abby hands over a take-out bag for ‘Mr Smith’. After Victor leaves, she lets Nate know that she’s not buying her Dad’s story. He’s my Father – she won’t mind her own business. After Neil … she tears up. Nate gets it but still can’t reveal any details. Walking off in tears, Abby vows to find out what’s going on.

Adam leaves a message for Chelsea – I understand – you thought I was dead and moved on. I’d love to talk – just to see you. I’ll fly anywhere – the Eiffel Tower. He’d give anything to see her face, and Connor’s. Think about it. Miss you ~click~

Nick’s at hone frowning at a framed photo of Christian.

Phyllis walks into her suite and opens her laptop to the Dark Horse log in page.