Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Vikki, Abby and Nikki are at Nick’s place – toasting to non-wedding with Mimosas. All offer support as they clink glasses.

This isn’t happening, Billy stops Adam as he strolls into Society – the kitchen’s closed. Then why are you here? Adam asks.

Summer and Theo awaken with mild headaches neither are worried about. The agree that last night was fun. No regrets. Theo can stick around for another day. Good. Summer has just the thing for them to do.

Oh, commitment party – Adam guesses his invitation got lost. You weren’t invited, Billy scowls. After a bit of back and forth, Billy says he’s not being drawn into back and forth. The narcissist better leave before Vikki’s loved ones arrive at Society. Start walking and don’t stop til you hit Lake Michigan. Congratulating Billy, Adam hopes the day’s everything he imagined. Billy watches him storm out.

Victor appreciates Nate handling this (his first treatment) here. On the topic of discretion, Nate apologizes for Abby seeing the text Victor sent (re: treatment) He’ll keep the secret – But Victor should keep his family in the loop. If this treatment works, I won’t have to tell anyone about it. Victor reasons.

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Abby takes Nikki aside for a private chat – is Dad alright? Healthwise? Why would you think that? Nikki’s alarmed to hear about treatment Victor’s having with Nate. Thanking Abby for coming to her, Nikki will look into it.

Traci, Jack and Kyle arrive at Society for Billy and Vikki’s ceremony. All are so happy for him. Summer arrives with Theo on her arm. Yes, Billy’s fine with her bringing Theo as her date. Seated at the bar, Kyle doesn’t look impressed. At. All.

Phyllis is at the tackhouse to tell Adam that they won’t be doing great things together – she’s turning him down. Hacking into Dark Horse isn’t a ‘small favour’ – it’s a crime. Are you staging a hostile takeover? Phyllis won’t help Adam acquire Nick’s company. It’s the means to a greater end, Adam sounds like he has a plan.

At Nick’s, Abby addresses her half-siblings – remember we’re family. We’re lucky to have each other. Nick and Vikki agree – a time out would do us all some good (bottom line – they’ll put family drama aside to celebrate Billy and Vikki)