Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

At Victor’s office, Nikki wastes no time relaying Abby’s concerns about his help. What’s going on? She won’t accept the usual vague answers he’s been giving her about Adam. If there’s nothing seriously wrong, look me in the eyes and say so. OK, Victor will tell Nikki everything – take a seat.

Now seated, Nikki’s alarmed to hear that Victor has a rare blood disease; PNH or something like that. His red blood cells are being destroyed. It’s life-threatening but Victor’s optimistic that Nate’s treatment will work. It’s a battle Victor will beat. We’ll beat it together, Nikki gently asks when Victor found out. When Adam was still alive – he wants all his children by his side. But no, please don’t tell them (or anyone) Nikki disagrees; she’ll keep the secret – for now. I love you. I love you.

When Vikki (and her entourage) join Billy at Society, he jokes with the kids. When Vikki worries about her Dad being late, Nick’s sure it’s work related. Looking worried, Abby excuses herself and phone in hand, debates calling Nikki.

Theo doesn’t mind Summer bringing him to Society – he’d have followed her anywhere. Alarmed by the level of their honesty, Theo goes to grab drinks (before he starts confiding his deepest secrets) Kyle drops by Summer’s table to make sure she’s OK after last night. Summer assures she’s just fine. She showed Natalia a good time and got to know Theo a lot better.

In his baby blue suit, Billy entertains Johnny and Katie while Nick fusses over Christian. When Auntie Abby takes the three kids to the kitchen for cookies, Billy shows support for Nick (who doesn’t want talk about Adam today – then he wins)

Adam doesn’t want to run Dark Horse, he wants to use it as leverage to get custody of Christian. You think Nick will give you his kid as some sort of bargaining chip? MY kid, Adam reminds – the Newmans and Abbotts will always treat us like pariahs until we teach them a lesson. Adam has an idea that will make a statement (and have a litle fun along the way) Be clear – Phyllis knows she’s being manipulated and Adam’s evil genius schtick is getting on her nerves – but what do you have in mind?

Introduced to a polite Theo, Nick’s barely civil. Having a private word, he scolds Summer for bringing a date to a small family event. Is this to make Kyle jealous? Rebound things never work. Summer’s just having fun – be happy for me.

Vikki and Billy greet Victor and Nikki. Issues aside, Victor won’t object if this makes Vikki happy. There’s nothing to object to with this informal ceremony, Vikki says before gathering Billy and the kids to address the crowd with a few touching and funny words from each. We’ve done rings, we’ve done tattoos, we’ve done tattooed rings. On this occasion. the kids have made something special for them to give one another. All chuckle as Billy puts Johnny’s necklace on his bride. Katie’s gift is a ‘Mommy loves Daddy’ T-shirt. The bride and groom exchange I love you’s then a kiss. Victor’s the only one not clapping as Phyllis (with Adam) appears clapping loudly – just in time for the big finish. All (especially Summer) look stunned.