Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

Corporate espionage is only a crime if you get caught, Adam tells Phyllis. Visiting the tackhouse she negotiates the price – 2.5 million – upfront. Pay to play – you in?

At Society, Jack tells Summer that Vikki’s non-wedding was drama free. Sounds boring but Summer’s sure Billy will cause trouble before long. Nick excuses himself briefly to chat with Rey (who needs to see him at the office asap) then rejoins Jack, Summer and Theo to say something’s come up – you guys have fun.

Back in the kitchen, Kyle makes it clear that his proposal is very real. He’s sure Lola feels the same way.

On the CL’s patio, Tessa explains to Mariah why a broken guitar string (now fixed) is a big deal – it could be a bad omen – I’m gonna bomb. You’ve got this, Mariah knows Abby wouldn’t have hired Tessa if she didn’t believe in her talent – be you. You don’t need Ana’s approval. Tessa’s phone pings – Devon wants to see me. Mariah will go see Devon and be at Society in time to see Tessa perform.

Transfer complete. Now with 2.5 million deposited into her account, Phyllis wastes no time opening up the Dark Horse logon page – then stops. Firewall? No. You’re growing a conscience? Adam seems to have hit the nail on the (red)head.

Surprised when Mariah arrives at the penthouse, Devon wanted to hear Tessa’s take on why she’s no longer with LP. Confirming that Ana’s not there, Mariah relays Tessa’s apologies. Ana might be an amazing producer but Tessa doesn’t want to be the mainstream artist Ana was trying to turn her into. The music, the art is what’s important to Tessa – and therefore, important to Mariah.

Lola’s not as good with words as Kyle is so will try to get this right. She’s never been with anyone like him – she feels the same way – it’s just … She has thoughts about getting married – but it’s too fast. We just moved in together. Kyle knew this was right the first day he met her at the food truck. I’m an idiot, Kyle’s sorry he screwed it all up (I’m not even divorced yet)

At Dark Horse, Rey reports that Adam hired a PI to investigate Chloe Mitchell. She died of an overdose shortly after the explosion – yes, Nick’s sure – he saw the body. Why would Adam think she’s alive? He’s probably checking because she tried to kill him once, Nick suggests. Once or twice? Rey hints Chloe’s the one who shot him – if she’s alive why is Adam keeping it quiet? The only reason Nick could think of is Chloe would be able to lead Adam to Chelsea and Connor.

Back at the tackhouse, Phyllis moves from the couch to a chair for ‘personal space’ as Adam rattles on about her doing everything full throttle; love, hate, revenge – why does Nick deserve a break? We share a child, Phyllis reminds. Adam applies more pressure – Nick publicly berated you at Society. The Phyllis I knew wouldn’t take crap from anyone. Fine, Phyllis hits a few keys – we’re in.