Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

After Abby removes the kids, Billy has a few choice words for Adam, then takes Phyllis aside for a private talk. Vikki tells Adam that his little stunt won’t ruin her day. Maybe Adam’s just hurt because he wasn’t invited. At the bar, Kyle and Theo are as confused as Summer – what’s he doing with my Mom? In a quiet corner, Phyllis tells Billy that Vikki knows better than to really marry him. Why bring the one man here I can’t stand to see? Billy wonders what happened to the woman I knew? She’s gone (Phyllis blames everyone who betrayed her) What you see now is a woman rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Get out and take your sidekick with you, Billys orders and walks off.

Why would you do this? With Phyllis of all people. After all he’s done, Victor takes exception to Adam spitting in his face. You haven’t done nearly enough, Dad, Adam sneers. Nikki leads Victor away – leaving Adam to stare across the room at Nick (holding Christian)

Adam crouches down – Do you remember me from the other day? I’m Adam. Nick sends Chrisitan off to find his cousins – then stands to warn Adam not to go near his son. Adam’s sure he’ll get custody of his son. Jack comes over to separate the brothers before things get physical. Jack would appreciate it of Adam left. Sure – I’ve made my point. Enjoy the rest of your day Adam allows Jack to lead him out.

Abby returns to tell Billy that the kids are with their grandparents. Vikki rejoins Billy to say that the day’s not ruined – Adam and Phyllis are irrelevant to our big picture. No one will come between us again. I love you so much, Billy gives Vikki a kiss. Summer accosts her Mom (who has more to say) This has to stop. You’re making a fool of yourself, burning bridges – it’s breaking my heart. Phyllis doesn’t understand why Summer would take the Abbott’s side. Never mind what Kyle did – Jack and Billy won’t hesitate to make you the fall guy. Who will you have left then – besides me. She’ll have me, Nick appears. After Summer’s dismissed, Phyllis doesn’t need a lecture from Nick – why are you better than me (and Adam)? Nick lists why Phyllis and Adam are two of a kind. Look around – do you see any friendly faces? We all see you and Adam for who you are. How does that feel?

Traci toasts Vikki and Billy then leaves. Abby’s sat down for reassurance from Nikki and her Dad. Everything’s going to be fine (healthwise)

Summer thanks Theo for hanging with her crazy family. And it’s not my Dad you need to impress – it’s me.

Billy’s booked a romantic getaway for a few days. Vikki loves the idea ~kiss~

Kyle delivers bubbly to Lola in the kitchen. She peeked out and loved Billy and Vikki’s vows – and the homemade gifts. Kyle ties a strip of fabric around Lola’s finger. She does the same to him. Marry me, Kyle proposes.

Nick vents to Jack (who points out that Adam and Phyllis are both gone) Out of sight out of mind. But for how long, Nick worries.

Phyllis shows up at the tackhouse to tell Adam that he was right. I’m all in.