Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

Devon won’t have any trouble replacing Mariah. He’s going to follow Neil’s advice and start paying it forward. How would you like to run Power Communications? Whoa – that’s Neil’s baby – Mariah’s not sure she’s capable and doesn’t want to let Devon (or Neil) down. You won’t, Devon’s sure.

Kyle’s decorating the apartment with an ‘I’m Sorry’ banner.

Tessa finishes her set and avoids Summer (and Chloe) as she exits the state. Theo wonders what’s wrong. Summer overheard Kyle saying he proposed to Lola. I don’t even know how I feel anymore. It’s a roller coaster. maybe this proposal is a good thing – I can stop thinking about trying to get Kyle back. They toast to ‘no strings’ – let’s leave marriage to the boring people. Lola then gets a text from Kyle – I’m waiting for you at home.

Coming home, Lola gasps at the ‘I’m Sorry’ banner. Kyle comes out to verbally apologize. Lola’s the one who feels the need to apologize – you offered me everything I ever dreamed of. I needed to go talk to Rey. He thinks I should wait to get married (and lists reasons that made sense) Then something happened Lola didn’t expect – Summer inspired me. She found out you proposed – she wants to be free; no commitments. It sounds good – for Summer. But Lola was wrong. Do you need me to put up a banner? I’m saying ‘yes’. Kyle’s stunned.

Her work done, Phyllis bumps into Sharon as she’s about to leave Adam’s. What are you doing here?! You sound jealous, Phyllis taunts – what does your boyfriend think of your concern for Adam? Lock up will ya? Phyllis marches past Sharon.

Adam doesn’t just own information – he owns Nick’s debt (and Dark Horse) He doesn’t want the company, he wants Christian. You bastard, Nick snarls.

Mariah’s in the crowd as Tessa captivates. All applaud as she wraps it up and thanks everyone. You made it! Tessa runs over to hug Mariah (who good news) Devon has no hard feelings about Tessa and Ana not working together – and he asked me to run Power Communications.

Lola and Kyle express their love for one another. No more waiting – no more regrets – no more apologies ~kiss~

You’re sick – bargaining for my son, Nick again says that he’s the only Father Christian knows. Adam gives Nick 24 hours to decide – Dark Horse or Christian.

Phyllis isn’t even home long enough to turn any lights on when gloved hands appear to clamp her mouth shut and inject something from a syringe.