Thursday, May 6th, 2019

Sharon comes home from her walk to update Rey that Adam wasn’t home – Phyllis was at the tackhouse without any good reason. Hopefully, she hasn’t roped Adam into one of her schemes. Rey thinks it just as likely that Adam’s the one doing the roping (and hopes he’s worthy of the faith Sharon has in her ‘friend’)

Nick’s barking into his phone at whoever sold his debt to a third party without so much as a phone call. He doesn’t need research done to find the new owner – I’m looking at him! ~click~ Adam again gives Nick a choice, Christian or Dark Horse. He’ll be back in 24 hours for Nick’s decision. Nick doesn’t need any time – his choice is Christian.

Wheeling Jett’s luggage down, Devon updates Elena that there’s a car downstairs – he and Ana are heading off on the tour. A venue opened up so Jett’s first show is in Detroit tomorrow. Jett comes down to thank Devon for arranging this and sparing Ana for a few days. He’ll be back in a few months. Stay safe, Elena gives him a hug. After Devon shows Jett out, Elena excuses herself and runs upstairs before the tears spill.

Jack’s at Society looking for Lola. She’s off tonight and Abby’s suspicious – you know something.

At home, Lola and Kyle enjoy ice cream and talk of getting married. Kyle has a long list – buy a ring, get divorced and ask Rey for his blessing. Lola doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Rey wonders why Adam’s looking for Chloe. Sharon believes it a bit ‘out there’ to think that Chloe came back from the dead to shoot Adam – especially for revenge. Be careful of Adam and maybe don’t be so quick to make excuses for the guy, Rey warns. Sharon will keep an eye open. For her sake, Rey hopes his intuition is wrong. Only time will tell, he says with a quick kiss.

Adam’s pissed that Nick keeps calling Christian HIS son. Nick thinks Adam being willing to extort this child proves he’s unfit to parent him. You drove me to these extremes, Adam just wants a relationship with his kid. He’s been in exile for years and now wants to connect with his son. Christian deserves to know me too. Take Dark Horse, Nick will even throw in this framed photo of HIS son – that’s the closest you’ll ever get to him. You’ll regret this, Adam warns as he leaves with the photo.

At Society, Abby whines to Jack about always being kept out of the Newman family loop. You’re a resourceful woman. Decide what you want and go get it, Jack encourages. Excuse me – I see Mike and Lauren, he bolts.