Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

We’re still good – you just caught me off-guard, Lola reassures Kyle. There’s something I need to go do – alone. I’ll be right back.

As Tessa arrives at Society with her guitar case, Theo brings 3 shots of Tequila to the table. Jack bows out as the kids toss theirs back. He then gets a text from Kyle – meet me out front. Have something to discuss.

Now home, Rey tells Sharon that Adam hired a PI to find Chloe. She’s dead. Yeah, so were JT – and Adam, Rey points out. Whether she’s dead or not, Adam thinks Chloe might be alive – and likely hopes she can lead him to Chelsea. Well, Adam’s not a quitter so Sharon wouldn’t rule it out.

All but pushing Phyllis out of the way, Adam scrolls until he finds what he’s looking for. Oh Nick, you make it too easy. Don’t underestimate him, Phyllis warns. There’s always a vulnerability, Adam sees that Nick’s leveraged up to his neck; 27 million to be exact – and he didn’t borrow it from the Bank of Daddy. And? And what if someone bought that debt to hold over Nick’s head? Someone like you, Phyllis clues in.

The pleasure was all mine, Adam hangs up. With one quick call, he now owns Nick’s debt. This isn’t about revenge – Adam wants what’s rightfully his – Christian. That little boy means a lot to Nick, Phyllis states. Dark Horse means a lot to him too. Clean up your trail of espionage and lock up when you leave, Adam says as he exits.

Devon believes that both Ana and Tessa tried – it just wasn’t a good fit. Mariah has something else – I don’t know how to say this – I’m leaving GC Buzz. Devon’s surprised – why? Mariah actually misses working with Hilary. It’s time to move on. On to what? Something behind the camera – creating something. Devon has an idea – artists need someone to advocate for them (like Mariah did for Tessa) he has a way she can pursue that and stay on at Hamilton Winters.

Still at Society, Theo gets the feeling not everyone was thrilled he was Summer’s plus-one today (especially her Dad) He’s just overprotective; thinks I’m rebounding. Is that what last night was? Summer would rather not label it. While Theo goes for more shots, Summer hides by the front door and eavesdrops as Kyle tells his Dad that marrying Summer was a mistake – he wants to do things right this time; with Lola. I may have screwed up. I have to fix this.

Sharon excuses herself so Lola and Rey can discuss Kyle proposing. I love him – he loves me. That’s great – you live together, Rey lectures – marriage is a huge step, not something you jump into. What’s the harm in waiting? Lola wishes she’d handled things better. I ran away from Kyle. I have to fix this.

Nick’s not impressed to find Adam at Dark Horse. Oh, I have reason to be here – 27 million of them, he sneers. Shall we do this in your office?