Friday, May 7th, 2019

Nick sits the nanny down to inform that his brother Adam is a concern. He’s hired a bodyguard. Just refer to him as the driver ‘Pete’ and let me know where you are at all times. Nick can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to his son.

Making it clear that he still despises Adam, Kevin boasts that he has his new girlfriend. You have Phyllis? Adam guesses. Kevin’s smirk reads ‘yes’.

Nikki’s invited Victor to Society for brunch. Isn’t this better than the stress at work? Victor loves his job but will consider Nikki’s request that he scale back. This could be a matter of life or death, she persists.

Jack arrives at CL’s to overhear Summer on the phone looking for her Mom. Joining her, he suggests Phyllis is too embarrassed to face Summer. You did the right thing coming to me – protecting Jabot Collective from her scheming. Agreeing, Summer then tells Jack that her Mom also did something to piss off her Dad. This isn’t your fault – if anyone’s to blame it’s Adam, Jack claims.

Kevin offers Adam an even trade – Phyllis for Chloe (who he believes Adam tracked down and had kidnapped) Give Chloe back to me, he demands.

Elena comes down – didn’t think you’d still be here. Devon wants to explain – he didn’t pay off her debt so Elena would feel obligated to date him. He’s paying it forward (per Neil’s will) The greatest gift you can give someone is opportunity. He’s helped lots of people with his money. I screwed up, Devon feels horrible knowing Elena feels betrayed. If you want to leave, you can (though it’s the last thing he wants) Elena was packing but has nowhere to go. She doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone and feels violated and patronized. Devon wishes he’d looked at it from her point of view. I’m very sorry ~hug~

Jack rejoins Summer. Questioned about Adam, he thinks his old friend is a bad influence on Phyllis. Do you have his number? Summer will call to see if he’s seen her.

Adam did hire someone to find Chloe – because she shot me. My search was unsuccessful. Kevin moved her and Bella as soon as he heard Adam was alive. Stopping Adam from leaving, Kevin demands Chloe back. Adam doesn’t have her – and you can do whatever you want with Phyllis. Adam knows Kevin has no power over him; to accuse me of kidnapping Chloe you’d be admitting she’s alive and you’re harbouring a fugitive. His phone pings – oh look, it’s someone who actually DOES have something I want. Good look finding Chloe. You two deserve each other. Kevin’s left looking defeated.