Friday, May 7th, 2019

At home, Nick pours Summer a cup of coffee – talk to me. You won’t believe what Mom did to me (she relays Phyllis’ outburst at Jack’s party) Nick understands why she’s mad. Summer’s more worried than mad though.

Adam gets a text – I have something you want. Who is this? You knew you’d be hearing from me, comes the reply. Name the place, Adam now seems to know who it is.

Over breakfast at home, Devon updates Elena that things are going well with Jett and Ana in Detroit. They suspect Ana tagged along to give them some alone time. Elena has an interview at GCM. No, she’s no longer thinking about moving out ~kiss~

Victor’s expecting Nikki to join him and Nate at his office shortly. It’s OK to talk about the disease but let’s not upset Nikki with the prognosis. Victor’s a fighter – he’ll beat this. On cue, Nikki arrives to say she’s done some research on PNH. Since Nate found it early, she hopes that means treatment will be successful. Nate looks over at Victor.

After a brief debate, Elena and Devon decide to take a shower together.

Back at NE, Nikki wonders if the treatment’s working already. Nate will know this afternoon – when the test results come in. Neither he nor Victor thinks it a good idea that Nikki put too much stock in what she reads online. Nate then leaves Victor to dissuade Nikki from telling the kids about his condition. He just needs her by his side ~hug~

Nick learned something else Phyllis has done (which he can’t tell Summer about) Maybe she went out of town to rethink things. Keep me posted and don’t worry, your Mom can take care of herself.

No sooner has Adam taken a seat at a seedy bar, Kevin appears. I can’t imagine you have anything I want, Adam sneers. You’d be surprised, Kevin’s not smiling. Go ahead, surprise me, Adam challenges.

Now showered and dressed, Devon and Elena skip back downstairs and agree to meet for lunch. Elena gets a text that concerns her; an email congratulating her on paying off her student loans. She’s not happy that Devon meddled in her affairs without her knowledge or consent. Undo it. What the hell is wrong with you!? Devon thought she’d be relieved. You don’t know me at all! Elena marches upstairs.