Friday, May 7th, 2019

Canoodling on the sofa, Elena believes Devon’s heart was in the right place when he paid off her student loan. She’s going to join Jett and Ana – and think about whether she can be in a relationship with such a power differential. Elena now feels like she’s on Devon’s payroll. Devon doesn’t know what else he can say. If you decide to leave I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope I see you when you get back. Elena’s left on the verge of tears.

Things are very tense between your Dad and Adam right now; he’d want you to stay away from him, Jack tells Summer. But I’m the only one Mom has, she whines. Who do YOU have to turn to? Jack praises Summer on her recent triumphs; at Jabot, saving Lola’s life. You’ve also had some disappointments (Kyle) Jack agrees she’s dealing well but Phyllis should be more supportive. Summer just needs to find her.

Nick’s summoned Adam to Dark Horse to ask when he last saw Phyllis. How did you convince her to hack into my corporate files? Adam doesn’t know anything about that (or Phyllis’ whereabouts) If Nick finds out differently he’ll bring down ‘a world of hurt’ on Adam.

Nikki and Victor are back in his office. No, he can’t take the afternoon off; people are counting on me. Nikki’s also counting on Victor (to be around a long time). Take another leave – Vikki did a good job taking over last time. You owe it to your family to focus on fighting this condition ~hug~

At the elevator, Elena and Nate chat. Both are heading to GCM. Hearing she has an interview with the Chief of Staff, Nate offers to put a word in for Elena.

Devon lets Summer into her Mom’s suite at the club. Phyllis isn’t there. Housekeeping says the bed hasn’t been slept in. Devon sits while Summer has a look around. My Mom’s makeup, suitcase etc. are still here. Summer’s even more worried when she spots her Mom’s keys. She wouldn’t go anywhere without these. She then calls Nick – something’s definitely happened to Mom.

Back at the tackhouse, Adam’s on the phone. There’s been a change of plans. Because Kevin Fisher’s an idiot – that’s why.

Still at the bar, Kevin drinks and looks pissed off.