Monday, June 6th, 2019

Banging on Adam’s door until she’s let in, Sharon immediately confronts him on making Nick choose between his son and his company – how can you do that!? It’s a straightforward business transaction – Adam wouldn’t resort to extremes if Nick had given him HIS son back. He’s using every weapon in the Newman arsenal so Adam must do the same.

Returning to Dina’s suite after a lovely walk around the facility’s grounds, Jack and Traci placate the confused Mother who has no idea who they are. Hearing that she’s lonely, a troubled Jack hands Dina a phone – push this button day and night to talk to me. He looks even more distressed when Dina comments that he’s also lonely.

At Dark Horse, Nick leaves Phyllis a message. He understands why she’d ‘ghost’ him but please call Summer – she’s worried sick. We all want to know that you’re OK ~click~

Having been summoned to CL’s by his brother, Mike hugs Kevin then makes him choke on his coffee when he says the word ‘kidnapping’ (a joke based on the assumption that Bella is with Ester) Surprised to hear his niece is back in Portland with the nanny, Mike scolds Kevin for not bringing her. Now, save us both some time – what kind of trouble are you in?

Why is Mike grilling Kevin? Because he’s doing that finger tapping thing he does when he’s hiding something. When was the last time you broke the law? Mike just wants to help his brother. And when Kevin storms onto the patio, Mike follows to clamp onto his shoulder firmly – talk to me. Luckily, Lauren and Paul appear to enthusiastically greet Kevin but he’s squirming again when they immediately bring up Phyllis’ disappearance.

Everyone gets lonely sometimes, Traci chimes in helpfully. Yes, Jack is handsome and would make someone a wonderful husband – when the time is right. Time alone is well spent finding peace so you can better appreciate the right partner when she/he comes along. Agreeing that’s ‘beautiful’, Jack must leave after receiving a text. Hearing Dina thank Traci for staying (not abandoning her) Jack looks devastated as he closes the door behind him.

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On the phone, Nick realizes it’s a lot of money but he’s good for it – set any interest rate you want. Turned down, he has other people to reach out to ~click~ Rey appears in his office as summoned – and asked to track down Phyllis. If he loses Dark Horse, Nick understands if Rey wants to stay on. He’s NOT interested in working for Adam – EVER.

Sharon thought Adam had moved on from his resentment of Nick. And why team up with Phyllis of all people? Adam whines about Chelsea stealing one son, Nick the other – he just wants to be a Father to one of his sons. Despite Sharon’s denial, Adam believes she hasn’t forgiven him for stealing Faith (which he deeply regrets doing) Having asked himself why Sharon’s help, friendship and opinion mean so much to him, he’s concluded that there’s unresolved feelings between them.

The foursome seated at CL’s, Paul updates that Phyllis is missing. He could really use Kevin’s computer skills finding her. Sorry, but Kevin has to go meet Ester and is only in town for 48 hours. We’ll talk before you go, Mike orders and is left to look suspicious by his brother’s hasty exit.

Brushing Dina’s hair, Traci explains that no, she doesn’t work at the facility – she’s a writer working on a novel which she’ll bring next time to read to Dina. A love story? It didn’t start out that way but it’s turning into a romance, Traci’s answer delights her Mother.

Nick and Jack are seated at Society. Before we get down to business, Nick mentions Phyllis being AWOL and eluding to her actions putting him in a jamb he has a favour to ask – a big one.