Thursday, May 6th, 2019

Kyle respects how much Rey loves his sister – he just needs to make it clear how much he loves Lola. You have my blessing to ask for Rey’s blessing, she gives Kyle a kiss.

Devon seats Elena down for dinner he’d prepared for the four of them. She’s still thrown off by Jett’s surprise exit. Since he’s recuperated, Elena supposes she’ll get a job then find an apartment. Why would you move out? Devon asks.

At home, Adam pours and gulps a drink down – then looks intensely at the framed photo of Christian.

After dinner, Devon puts a jazz album on and dances with Elena. He’ll cook her dinner every night if that’s what it takes to make her stay. Yes, she’ll stay in touch with Ana and Devon (who continues to try convincing her to stay) I don’t ever want to lose you ~kiss~ Are you sure? Elena asks. Devon replies with a kiss and upstairs they go.

Rey here? Nick shows up at Sharon’s. Yes, there IS a problem. You’re supposed to be watching Adam. He somehow found the lender and bought the loan on Dark Horse. Now you owe all that money to Adam? Why would he do this? Sharon’s stunned. Nick doesn’t see why she’s surprised – he’s the same monster he was before – you really think he wouldn’t use a child as a pawn like he did Faith? Oh? You haven’t told Rey this story? Nick’s surprised. Later – Sharon knows who gave Adam Chelsea’s number. Phyllis was at the tackhouse earlier. Relaying how Phyllis showed up at Vikki and Billy’s party on Adam’s arm, Nick bets he used the backlash to coerce Phyllis. Rey’s sorry – he didn’t think to monitor Dark Horse’s cybersecurity. Sharon thinks Adam might have tricked Phyllis into giving him Chelsea’s number. Nick grumbles about Phyllis never realizing the mess she’s made until it’s too late.

Phyllis’ abductor puts her unconscious body on a mattress on the floor then locks the door and leaves.

Nick having left, Sharon’s told Rey that Adam stole newborn Faith and led her to believe she’d died (for almost a year) She understands that it must seem strange that she forgave and fell in love with Adam. He’s a damaged soul – and so was I. We were kindred spirits. But that long journey brought Sharon to where she is now – with Rey. She’s so disappointed in Adam and blames herself for bringing him back. You couldn’t have known, you’re not responsible, Rey insists. Getting a text from Kyle, Rey thinks he knows why he wants to see him.

At Society, Abby’s ecstatic to hear that Kyle proposed to Lola – and will take him shopping for a ring.

Watching from the table he’s sharing with the Baldwins, Jack’s happy to see Lola (and Abby) so happy. When Lauren mentions Abby’s ex leaving town with his pregnant girlfriend/sister in law, Jack suggests his niece could use her matchmaking skills. Oh no, Lauren’s retired from matchmaking. Plus, Jabot Collective’s instant success will keep her plenty busy. Getting a text, Mike has to leave for a ‘legal emergency’. Jack’s never seen Lauren this content. Mike and I are in a very good place, she confirms. What’s the secret? Jack wonders. I’ll tell you, Lauren says coyly.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Devon’s so happy Elena came into his life. Kissing, they hit the bed.