Thursday, May 6th, 2019

On the CL’s patio, Rey cautions Kyle – Lola’s never been in a serious relationship. Neither have I, Kyle claims. Rey continues to lecture – Lola can be annoying. Kyle was expecting him to say that Lola’s perfect and he’s not worthy. She is perfect and you’re not, Rey agrees. But he’ll be there for both of them. Kyle’s happy to hear that he’s now ‘part of the family’. For better or worse, they shake hands.

So? Tell me what my options are, Nick’s summoned Mike to his place to ask. Limited – whoever holds the loan has control, Mike suggests Nick round up the funds to buy back the loan. Adam will never sell, Nick’s sure. Mike thinks he will if the price is right. It’s not like he has any interest in running Dark Horse. OK, now all Nick needs is a white knight investor.

Lauren’s secret is active gratitude – she came close to losing Mike once so now appreciates him and realizes how lucky they are. Jack thinks it’s working – you’re radiant. When Lauren gets a text from Mike saying he’s on his way home, Jack expresses how much he appreciates her company. Lauren’s sure the right woman is out there. And with a quick kiss, she leaves Jack looking perplexed.

Coming down to pour himself a drink, Devon’s greeted by a reproachful looking Hilary. Elena comes down – what’s wrong? Do you regret what we did? No, not at all, Devon reassures with a kiss. Hugging Elana, he looks over her shoulder to see a hurt looking Hilary.

Kyle comes home to surprise Lola with the news that he and Rey had a good talk – he’ll be happy and proud to walk you down the aisle. Abby’s very excited about planning the wedding, Lola will allow Kyle to spend lots of money – just this once, it’s a special occasion. Awesome, Kyle plans to give Lola the wedding of her dreams.

Having another drink as he looks at the framed photo of Christian, Adam gets a text – what’s your ETA? I’ll be there as soon as I can get away. Keep things quiet. Won’t be much longer, he replies.

Phyllis awakens on the mattress in pain. Help! she bangs on the door. Can anyone hear me!? Someone’s on the other side of the door as Phyllis frantically tries to get a signal on her phone. God! she moans. Please! The person on the other side of the door is Kevin!