Monday, June 6th, 2019

We weren’t good for each other, Sharon insists – we both moved on. Your unresolved feelings might be for Chelsea. Yes, she moved on too but only because she thought you were dead. Sharon can’t fill the void Chelsea left in Adam’s life – what do you want from me? The truth – can you honestly say you feel absolutely nothing for me?

Updated that Adam’s threatening to call in Nick’s 27 million dollar loan in he doesn’t give up Christian, Jack’s sorry to report that Ashley left Jabot strapped for cash. He does have another idea – appeal to Adam as a brother. You can’t run away from family, Jack knows all too well. Nick disagrees – good luck with your family; Nick needs to go find 27 million dollars. Jack’s left to call Dan to cancel their lunch appointment – something important has come up.

Still at CL’s, Lauren tells Paul that the last time she saw Phyllis was when she crashed Jack’s Jabot Collective launch party – she was furious, at everyone. She’s worried about her friend. When Mike points out that Phyllis usually causes her own problems, Lauren doesn’t think so this time. Phyllis also crashed another party – Billy and Vikki’s commitment party. She was with Adam, Lauren folds her arms and gives Paul a ‘case closed’ look.

Raising her voice, Sharon’s not the fragile person she used to be and so isn’t as easily manipulated by Adam (who’s trying to recreate something that never even existed) Adam sees things differently – what Sharon had with him was ‘deeper’ than anything she had with anyone else. You can’t walk into my life and tell me how I feel, Sharon’s been over Adam for a long time and is happy. With a glorified security guard? Adam sneers. How dare you – I should have left you in Vegas, Sharon marches out furious.

Nick surprises Victor by barging into his office and asking for help – you owe me this for bringing Adam back into our lives. He doesn’t want to destroy Dark Horse, he wants to destroy this company and I need your help to stop him.

Traci’s book is a detective-love story. Dina enjoys her romance, in real life too. Who’s the special man in your life? Traci’s saved when Tessa arrives to say she’s there to perform a special love song for Dina (who giggles – perfect)

‘Hurricane’ Sharon slams into the house to rant about Faith leaving her clothes laying around and saying she needs to get to the store – what does Rey want for dinner? Are you OK? Are you sure? Rey’s concern is distracted by a kiss which leads to clothes coming off.

Adam’s packing his suitcase when Kevin calls. This is no bluff. No, Adam agrees – it’s a felony. Don’t you have a thing for small spaces? He hangs up when Paul arrives to discuss Phyllis. I think I can help you with that, Adam informs.

Victor’s disappointed with both his sons. Nick should have given Adam a chance; reached a compromise. Adam’s desperate. Nick won’t give Christian up for anything. What if Adam calls in the loan? Victor wonders who else Nick asked for money. Arms folded, he reminds Nick that he started Dark Horse after hacking into NE’s servers and poaching it’s executives. You disrespected me and my legacy to stand on your own two feet – now you want me to save you. No, Victor doesn’t want Nick to grovel – he wants him back working at NE, where he belongs.

In the fight of his life, Nick shouldn’t be surprised that his Dad’s using it to try to impose his will. You don’t know anything about me if you think I’d reconsider coming back to Newman. Victor’s sure Nick will look back at this moment with regret. Nick stands – I was an idiot to think you’d help me instead of supporting a backstabbing bastard. Reminded that Noah’s thousands of miles away and Summer’s working for the ‘damn Abbotts’, Nick doesn’t test his kids’ love for him. You’re testing me by asking me to choose between you and your brother. Coming here was a mistake, Nick exits.