Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

At Nick’s, Paul agrees that something happened to Phyllis – looking at the club’s security cameras, someone looped footage of the empty hallway in front of her suite. He questioned Adam but got nothing. Because he doesn’t know anything or he does? Nick wonders.

Adam comes knocking at Sharon’s. Don’t slam the door in my face, he has something to say.

Back from a romantic trip to Jamaica, Billy and Vikki stroll through the park. Now it’s back to reality – he wonders what her family’s been up to while they were away.

Chris appears in Victor’s office. I know what you’re up to and it’s hurtful after all we’ve been through.

Adam apologizes for crossing the line. He know agrees that there aren’t unresolved feelings between him and Sharon. He misread her kindness and is a mess because of Chelsea. Hopefully, he hasn’t screwed things up. Adam doesn’t want to lose his friend. He’s hurt by Chelsea and can’t stop thinking about Connor. Adam turns around when Sharon gently touches him.

Look at this from Chelsea’s point of view – she must have been shocked to learn you were alive. She’s protecting Connor – love is about sacrifice, Sharon preaches to Adam. Rey comes down to interrupt their hug. Thanks for the talk – I should go, Adam leaves Sharon to stammer – I can explain. Rey wants to know what’s really going on. He’s having a hard time seeing what he walked in on.

Tech difficulties tonight so no time to proofread. Enjoy the gibberish.

Joining Summer at Society, Kyle asks where Billy is – this meeting wasn’t his idea. Summer knows that. Billy arrives to pick their brains about how to extend their Jabot Collective’s reach. Micro-influencers, Kyle takes over because Summer’s clearly distracted. After Billy leaves, Kyle assumes she was up partying all night.

Adam’s on the phone. Let me know if she gives you any problems – Chloe has a penchant for acting up (looks like he kidnapped her after all)

Chris is there about Victor’s lawsuit against the GCPD and DA’s office. You arrested my wife and daughter! Victor’s furious – he sat in jail due to her ineptness. Chris whines about not getting elected thanks to Victor – this is vindictive, even for you. Your family won’t want it dredged up that they killed and buried JT. Victor thinks Chris’ own actions will make one helluva a campaign for her opponent. Chris leaves.

It’s nothing, Summer keeps checking her phone. OK, talk later, Kyle goes to ask Lola if she can come home between the lunch and dinner rush – I’ll make it worth your while. After Kyle leaves, Lola looks sympathetic as she watches Summer leave a message for her Dad.

Where is she!? Nick barges into the tackhouse to accuse Adam of abducting Phyllis (after convincing her to hack into Dark Horse) and messing with the club’s security cameras. Adam denies everything and stuns Nick – you think I’m the only Newman screwing you over? Where do you think I got the money to buy your company? Dad? Close – Dad in a dress, Adam sneers.