Monday, June 6th, 2019

Continuing to pack, Adam won’t be indebted to Victor – he’ll pay his own way at the club (until he finds a place) Phyllis has a room there, Paul heard they’d gotten close. We bumped into each other a couple of times, literally – a fender bender we didn’t report. He’s guilty of taking Phyllis to his sister’s non-wedding. Do you have any idea where she is now? Paul asks.

In bed, Sharon behaves like a woman dying of hunger and Rey’s a delicious fall-off-the-bone rack of ribs.

Zipping his suitcase, Adam wished he could help Paul but hasn’t hear from Phyllis since ‘that day’. What’s this? Magician Paul whips out a handkerchief to scoop up a tube of lipstick. Passionate Pink – not my colour, could be hers – take it, he offers. So, she was here, Paul wraps up the lipstick. Yes, she was shaken up after the fender bender. No, we weren’t drinking and Adam has no idea where Phyllis is – let me know if you find her. Stop by anytime.

Traci smiles ear to ear in the background as Tessa strums and sings to an enchanted Dina. Hey – I thought you had a meeting, she says when Jack slips into stand beside her. This is more important, he wraps an arm around his sister; both smiling at their Mother’s joy.

‘I’ll survive the storm if I’m with you’, Tessa sings – as Sharon rolls over in bed to turn her back on Rey (who looks more used and and abused than satisfied)

Still at CL’s, Lauren hopes she did the right thing. Phyllis should be grateful to both of us. What was she thinking – selling knock off Jabot products under a knock off logo? Mike wouldn’t put it past Phyllis to fake her own abduction. Lauren can’t deny that’s possible.

Back downstairs, Sharon’s back to fluttering about. When Rey suggests she used ‘escape sex’ to forget about Adam, she admits she went to see him – but only to confront him about what he’s doing to Nick. Rey now believes Nick was right – Adam’s getting inside your head.

Adam gets another visitor. As soon as the door opens, Nick tosses him the keys to Dark Horse. It’s all yours – but if you ever go near Christian, I’ll tear you apart, he warns and stomps off.

My Thoughts: What ‘weapons’ exactly is Nick using from the Newman arsenal? I can’t think of anything so wish Sharon had asked Adam to elaborate… Kevin’s been gone for years – why hasn’t Paul replaced him. And why didn’t anyone investigate when the Chief of Police when missing? … Adam and Kevin could pass for brothers … I’m still not sold on the new Adam but he’s not doing a bad job portraying the characters’ evil side (which is really Adam’s only side) Sharon’s denial only proves that she’s just as easily manipulated as she ever was where Adam’s concerned. It seems that all her psychology training has flown out the window. The phrase ‘physician, heal thyself’ comes to mind …. While I find Tessa to be a useless character for the most part, I have to admit that she’s enjoyable to listen to. Given the long list of musicians who’ve passed through GC at least her talent didn’t come out of the blue *cough* Noah, Fen *cough*. I won’t be shocked if Tessa and Ana made beautiful music together. I won’t like the pairing at all but it’ll give Mariah something to do. She was more interesting when she was first introduced with only glimpses of stilettos and micro mini skirts (when she stalked Abby’s fiance, Tyler) … It makes no sense that Nick would go to Jack for a loan instead of Abby or Vikki. They were also awarded 500 million in court and didn’t give it all away to charity. Perhaps he’d have better luck if he tried to borrow smaller amounts from various sources, couple million here – couple there – instead of 27 million or nothing… I’m sure Jack’s heart is in the right place but would Dina be allowed to have an unmonitored cell phone in a memory care facility? I guess it’s beyond being a problem at Dina’s advanced stage but recent studies have shown that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields have an adverse effect on the development of memory performance. Just sayin’…. I guess Rey forgot he was just asked by his boss to go look for Phyllis. She’s not likely to be found between the sheets of Sharon’s bed.

Go Raptors!!!!!!!