Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

You heard me say I want to be your heir apparent. Victor will continue this discussion another time. Nikki arrives with Nate – he’s here to discuss a donation to extend the MS wing, he lies. After Vikki leaves, Nate confirms he has the results of Victor’s test.

Unfortunately, Victor’s body didn’t respond the the treatment as well as Nate had hoped. What now? Nikki insists Victor tell the children – or she will.

At CL’s, Vikki updates Billy that Nick found out about her deal with Adam. Billy tells her not to second guess herself – you were protecting yourself. Adam went after Nick, not you.

Lola comes him to Kyle on bended knee with a boxed ring – Lola Rosales, will you marry me. Yes, she gasps as he slips the ring on her finger ~kiss~

As Summer’s at Nick’s worrying about her Mom, Adam gets a text – Other people are going to suffer unless you tell me where Chloe is. Now. I’m no gambler. This is no bluff.

Next: Nikki makes a shocking discovery … Kyle and Lola share news of their engagement … A Newman family meeting turns ugly.

My Thoughts: Surely Vikki wasn’t foolish enough to give Adam 50 million without any guarantee that he’d actually leave town? Oh she did? More like the idiot apparent, then. Who would take Adam’s word without anything in writing? … OK, Chris is 50, Paul’s mid 60’s – a bit long in the tooth to be laying around in the park. It makes my back hurt just looking at them. Is Chris really surprised that Victor’s out for revenge? When has he NOT been out for revenge? Could Eric Braeden be easing himself into retirement? Will the character be killed off or just bore us to death with a prolonged illness that no one knows much about. It’s not like the storyline will create awareness or portray Victor’s disease with any accuracy.