Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Need some water? Adam taunts. Vikki wouldn’t give you a dime, Nick knows. She gave me 50 million worth of dimes – that’s how much she wanted me to go away. But she wasn’t able to meet all my demands – but did give me Chelsea’s number. She did all this behind your back. Maybe you tow aren’t as close as you think you are. Or maybe you bring out the worst in everyone, Nick slams out.

Adam doesn’t have a vulnerable bone in his body, Rey’s not buying it – and doesn’t like how dependent on Sharon he is. She wants to stop him from lashing out. He already is. He shows you he’s a dangerous predator over and over. You keep inviting him into our home. Don’t tell me I don’t have anything to worry about, Rey leaves the room.

Summer’s relieved when her Dad calls (even though he has no info) You OK? Lola comes over. No, Summer tells all. Taking a seat, Lola does know what it’s like to have an erratic Mom.

Flashback to Vikki negotiating Adam leaving GC with Chelsea’s number and 50 million. Nick confronts her in Victor’s office – you have no idea what you’ve done.

Sharon’s not making excuses for Adam – she told him what he did to Nick is despicable. He falls into destructive patters. He needed. Rey doesn’t care what he needed. And what was last night? You were…. passionate? Restless. That’s not fair, Sharon claims. Yes, to me – Rey’s been through this with Mia. You’re lying to yourself or me – Rey can’t compete with it. Please, don’t leave. Rey ignores her and slams out.

Chris joins Paul at CL’s to update that Victor has a target on here back (and you – the GCPD) Paul’s not scared of Victor. You’re not up for reelection, Chris points out. This isn’t about money, it’s about revenge. The Hellstrom case has already been covered – the Newman’s hardly came off as innocent. Paul has something to get Chris’ mind off things – don’t go away.

Adam relished in telling me you stabbed me in the back. He used your money to buy my loan for Dark Horse. You stole Chelsea’s number from my phone. What did you get out of it? He played you. Vikki tried to get him out of town. OK – I was thinking my myself – all the hard work I’ve put into this company. We’re collateral damage of your ambition. Vikki deserves to be CEO when Dad steps down – I’ll be damned if I let Adam take that from me. I’m the heir apparent, nobody but me. OK, you can have it, Nick leaves near tears (passing his Dad without a word)

Lola tells Summer that her Dad walked out when her Mom was pregnant with Rey. It took a toll on her – she was an incredible Mother, strict but loving. But she had an open wound that never healed. My Mom feels wounded too, Summer relates. When Summer gets snotty about the engagement, Lola hopes her Mom’s OK – see you around.

Paul surprises Chris with a picnic in the park. Her campaign will get hectic – we need to take time to decompress, he shoves a grape in her mouth – then a kiss. Still worried about Victor, Chris is lucky. We’ll always have each other, Paul gives here a kiss.