Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Vikki’s disappointed that Nick’s also been summoned for a meeting with Dad that’s to start in two minutes. The door’s locked – when he says top of the hour, he means top of the hour.

In Victor’s office, Nikki fusses with his tie. Your children deserve to know what’s going on with your condition – especially after the test results. Be honest with them – they’ll support you.

Getting off the elevator to join his siblings, Adam didn’t know it was a party – maybe Nikki has a bottle stashed somewhere. Nick gets a text from Rey – a photo of the man Adam met with. He’s working on getting his name. Lead on a job? Adam quips. When Abby arrives, Victor opens his office door and all three kids file inside.

Traci’s back to honour her promise. What promise? To read Dina some of her novel. It’s got a bit of everything; mystery, suspense, betrayal – most of all ‘Stolen Lockets, Broken Hearts is a love story.

Meeting Kyle at CL’s, Mariah denies her house warming gift is a dead plant – it’s a tired plant. Thrilled to hear that Kyle and Lola are engaged, Mariah jumps up to hug him – that’s fantastic!

Rey’s moping over a photo of Sharon on his phone when Lola comes over to offer to make him anything he’d like for dinner (for not being a jerk to Kyle) When Rey claims he’s glad he’ll be part of the family, Lola knows he’s lying.

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Telling the story from Velma’s perspective, complete with accents for her and Flynn, Traci’s pleased that Dina wants to hear more. A back and white scene shows Flynn moping over Iris. As Velma gets more ice for his drink, Flynn answers the door to a tall, handsome, sharp-dressed heartbreaker. Derek introduces himself as Iris’ husband – she doesn’t need a private investigator – back off. Drop the case – last warning. Or what? Getting no answer, Flynn wa+*stes no time grabbing his hat – not time doll. Be careful, Velma’s left to sip Flynn’s drink.

In Victor’s office, Nick suggests Adam take a seat beside Vic (since they get along so well these days) What your Father has to say is important, Nikki chimes in. Victor doesn’t like Nick’s attitude. I’m ill, he announces. How ill? It’s serious – I have PNH. What the hell is that? A rare blood disease. Yes, it can be fatal. All four kids look solemn.

Still at CL’s, Mariah hopes Kyle doesn’t do anything (else) stupid before marrying Lola. Have you set a date? Mariah wants to make sure it doesn’t conflict with her new job – as the head of Power Communications. Devon’s given her the green light to take the company in a new direction – focussing on image building. Rebranding Tessa is her first project. Can you believe it? Me running a company. Mariah wants this.

Kyle’s not Rey’s first choice for a husband. Good thing you’re not marrying him, Lola quips. Soccer is king and Lola is Queen. She jokes about him not being as tough as he lets on – you cried in Fielf Of Dreams. Sharon better treat you right. No, nothing’s wrong, Rey lies.