Friday, June 14th, 2019

At Nick’s, Mike would be happy to help fight for Christian but is surprised Nick wants to hire him. Nick despised Mike for representing Victor when he won custody of Christian. You were willing to do whatever it took to win and I need you to do that for me now. Adam will ruin this boys’ life. Confident he can find disqualifiers for Adam being a suitable parent, Mike assumes he hasn’t been a saint since he’s been home. He’s the same evil bastard he’s always been, Nick wants to teach Adam a lesson – he can’t play God in other people’s life. Agreeing, Mike initiates a handshake – it’d be his pleasure to help Nick.

Asked about the thank you cards, Devon’s humble when explaining that he donated a few computers to his old elementary school. What’s a few? Fifty – and Devon won’t feel bad about doing it. Thinking it wonderful, Elena wouldn’t want him to – fifty computers is like a cup of coffee for you. Devon wishes his donation had been kept anonymous but the notes from the kids are nice. He hopes he hasn’t made Elena feel like one of his causes. She doesn’t need someone to rescue her – she needs someone to stand at her side. That’s all Devon wants to do. He respects and cares about Elana – I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Phyllis is at large – look out GC, Kevin’s sarcastic (but telling the truth) Fine – she escaped, he admits. You miserable oaf, Adam scoffs – you’re in no position to make demands. Let’s talk about what comes next.

Nick’s pouring a drink when Vikki walks into his house ‘uninvited’ (because she correctly guesses he wouldn’t let her in if she knocked) She’s there to apologize – Vikki thought Adam would go be with Chelsea. You were wrong – and Christian’s the one who’ll pay for it, Nick’s pissed. And when Vikki wants to help, Nick thinks she’s done enough already. Lock the door on your way out. Without further word, Vikki leaves.

Devon confides that he got some advice from Mariah – she gives it to me like it is. Elena got some perspective from Nate and now wishes she’d stayed and talked it out with Devon instead of jumping on a plane. Devon wishes he hadn’t gone behind her back in the first place. They pinky swear to talk to discuss their problems. Does this mean you forgive me? Elena’s not sure – let me check ~kiss~

Drinking at home, Nick leaves a message for Chelsea – he never thought he’d bring himself to call her. Sorry, I should have called earlier but Sharon told me you made a nice life for yourself. I’m doing OK considering Adam’s return. He’s back to his old self – suing me for custody of Christian. I’m worried Connor might be next.

This is unacceptable- you can’t string me along and hold Chloe indefinitely! Kevin whines – he said he’ll stay and help execute whatever scheme Adam’s concocting. Not sure he can trust Kevin, Adam will provide details soon enough. Get ready for battle. Things could get ugly – fast.

Spider’s friend (Vita?) sashays up to the Vegas bar. So, why the sudden interest in Adam Newman? Phyllis smiles back (now played once again by Michelle Stafford!)