Friday, June 14th, 2019

Back at CL’s, Nate explains that Devon’s generous with his money because he came from nothing. When he inherited Kay’s money he felt guilty – then realized how much good he could do. He helps kids, strangers. Last Christmas Devon paid off everyone’s layaway account at Fenmore’s. Elena thinks that amazing but she’s not a kid or a stranger in need – she’s Devon’s partner. Devon’s a giver, like Neil – that’s just who he is, Nate explains. Still, he discounted my feelings – if Devon can’t hear what I’m saying it’s a dealbreaker for Elena. Give him another chance, Nate implores.

Needing leverage to get Chloe back, Kevin came to GC and spied on Adam. Seeing him with Phyllis, he figured they were a couple – so kidnapped her to make a trade. Phyllis and Adam aren’t a couple, Mike rants about his brother committing multiple felonies. I told you you didn’t want to know, Kevin points out. For once you’re right! Mike bellows.

If you gave a damn about this kid you wouldn’t be ripping him away from his home and the people who love him! Nick snarls. Adam admits he’s been a decent stand-in but it’s time Christain knew his real Dad. I AM his real Dad, Nick will NEVER give him up. Determined to know his son, Adam’s ordered a new DNA test and hired the best lawyers money can buy – Christian’s mine. You bastard, Vikki hisses. Oh, you’re still here, Adam hints a reminder that she’s the source of his new and embarrassingly large infusion of cash. No amount of money will buy my son, Nick vows.

What is wrong with you? This is a twisted way to show your love for Christian, Vikki lectures. Adam made Nick a perfectly acceptable offer – he refused so left me no choice but to take him to court. You always have a choice – think of Christian – this will come back to haunt you, Vikki warns. Adam thanks her for turning everything around for him. I owe all of this (gestures around the office) to you.

Back home, Nick leaves a message for Mike. I need to see you NOW – Adam’s suing for custody of Christian.

Still in the ‘mouldy hole in the wall’ that Mike only now realizes Phyllis escaped from, Kevin doesn’t need his attitude – he has enough to deal with right now. When Mike pulls out his phone to fix this (by calling Paul to ask for leniency) Kevin swats it out of his hand. Was that really necessary? Mike picks his phone up. You can’t call the cops – Chloe will spend the rest of her life in a prison psych ward! Kevin frets. No offence but that doesn’t seem like a bad idea to Mike. Shooting someone is NOT an ‘oopsy daisy’. We have a great life – Bella will lose both her parents if Mike calls the cops. Help me get Chloe back to Bella and I’ll make sure she gets the help she needs, Kevin promises. Mike’s being put in a terrible position here. No, you put yourself there when you followed me, Kevin corrects. Oh, and Adam wants me to stay in town to do something for him, Kevin adds before leaving to go update Adam. Pulling out a handkerchief, Mike’s careful not to leave his fingerprints on the doorknob as he exits.

Elena wheels her suitcase into the penthouse. Devon? Are you home? She’s looking through some thank you cards kids have made for Devon when he comes home. She’s had a chance to think about things. She still feels the same way – but we owe it to ourselves to talk about it.

At Dark Horse, Kevin informs that Phyllis is back out in the world. How did she react when you let her go? Adam learns that she and Kevin never came face to face. He doesn’t know where Phyllis is now and is in a hurry to finish their deal – Phyllis is free – now, I get Chloe. Knowing something’s up, Adam wonders why Kevin’s lying to him.