Friday, June 14th, 2019

In the empty shack, Kevin blast Mike for following him. You were acting shady as hell – of course Mike followed him. What is this place and why are we here? Forget we were here, Kevin barks – I’m handling it and trying to protect you. I’m in town because of Chloe, Kevin shocks his brother with the news that she’s alive.

When Vikki appears in Nick’s office, Adam (behind the desk) tells her that he turned down Dad’s job – again. It’s not his fault if Victor doesn’t think her good enough. Vikki’s there for an adult conversation, not a fight – we need to deescalate things. Now that we know Dad’s sick we need to come together. You have no interest in running Dark Horse. Adam agrees – real estate is boring but he likes the cool office. Vikki wants to work out a financial arrangement to gives Nick his company back. She didn’t intend for this to happen. Adam knows that – you were just a useful idiot – oops. Acquiring Dark Horse is the first step in Adam getting what he wants.

At home, Nick opens a large yellow envelope. Son of a bitch! he fumes.

Nate chats with Elena at CL’s. Jett’s tour is going well, she reports – he belongs onstage. Nate suggests it time she gets back to doing what she loves too – you got the job at Memorial. Elena’s thrilled – this couldn’t come at a better time.

Devon thanks Mariah for meeting him at Society. Yes, he’s heard that Tessa’s back with LP – but he didn’t invite her there to talk business. This is personal.

Mariah’s surprised and flattered that Devon’s asking her for relationship advice. He explains Elena being upset because he paid off her student debt. You royally screwed up (Mariah sees her point)

Seated at CL’s, Elena confides in Nate – who thinks he can help her see where Devon’s coming from.

Why does Kevin think Chloe’s alive? Because he’s been living with her the past two years. He found out she faked her death after the funeral and created new identities for them in Portland. Mike’s furious – only one person’s allowed to come back from the dead at a time! Kevin thought Chloe handled it well when hearing that Adam was alive. Then she disappeared – and shot him. Adam’s been holding Chloe captive. You think he was keeping her here but she escaped? Uh no. Then why are we here? Mike’s confused. That’s a whole other story.

Vikki wants Adam to give Dark Horse back to Nick. OK – and then he’ll take the CEO job at Newman? Would that work for you? No, that’s not going to happen, Vikki scowls. Oh – so you’re willing to help me as long as it doesn’t intrude on YOUR ambition, Adam muses. Nick arrives screaming. Adam’s suing me for custody of Christian, he updates Vikki.

Your money will always be a factor in your relationships – though Mariah knows Devon’s a great guy for many other reasons. Say you take a date to the GCAC, she’ll know you own the place. Say your next date is at Society – you’re part owner of that too. And there’s always online search. Money will always be a factor, Mariah reiterates. When we were dating, she couldn’t reciprocate Devon’s grand gestures (and was OK with that – but others might not be) Paying off Elena’s debt right out of the gate took away her ‘agency’. What you wanted to do for her mattered more than what Elena wanted. Devon doesn’t want to make Elena feel powerless. But that’s what you did. I made her feel like we’re not equals, Devon now gets it and thanking Mariah heads off to talk to Elena (hoping it’s not too late)