Monday, June 17th, 2019

Kyle’s at the Abbott mansion to ask his Dad to be his best man. Jack couldn’t be more proud ~hug~ Guess I’ll have to dust off the old tux. Kyle will keep him posted on the date – feel free to bring a ‘plus one’.

Mariah suddenly awakens beside Tessa full of energy – grab your guitar – we have to get to work!

Nick’s at Sharon’s to see her, not Rey. Adam just filed for custody of Christian! He what!? Sharon didn’t think he’d go this far. I’m so sorry – this is all my fault.

Summer makes a beeline for Mike’s table at Society – have you heard from my Mom? No, but Mike’s confident she’ll be back soon – Phyllis is indestructible. Immediately calling Kevin, Mike hopes he found his escaped hostage – Summer and Lauren are asking questions; I’m not sure how much longer I can protect you ~click~ Lauren appears to ask what that phone call was about.

In his office, Victor calls Adam (who’s at the tackhouse – ignoring his Dad’s call) This is your Father – I want us all to move forward. We have a lot to discuss – come to the office.

How is this your fault? Nick wonders. Sharon’s the one who convinced Adam to come home. If only she could do something to stop this. Is there anything I can do? Just stay out of the crossfire, Nick advises before marching out.

At CL’s, Mariah shares her vision with Tessa – people need to see your authenticity; something they can connect with. Using chocolate cake as an analogy, Mariah wants fans to get a taste of Tessa in her natural habitat. They’ll fall head over heels. Agreeing that they should run it by Ana, Mariah’s one step ahead. Ana arrives full of enthusiasm – go team.

Back at Society, Mike tells Lauren that he was just touching base with a client. Now how was California? Fantastic – the Fenmore’s pop up was a big hit. But Lauren’s more focused on poor Jack being lonely – he needs his friends right now. Anything you say, Mike’s agreeable.

Mr Abbott? In the park, Mallory Armstrong approaches and chats with Jack (her Father is in the room next to Dina’s at the memory facility) How’s your Mother doing? Better than expected. Mallory relates to what Jack’s going through. We’re part of a unique club no one wants to join. What was your Mother like before? Jack describes Dina as a powerful force. He’s not ready to join the Bright Tomorrows support group but he would like to talk to Mallory some more over coffee.

On the CL’s patio, Nikki knows it must be hard for Nick to hand Dark Horse over to Adam but is sure he’ll find something else to be passionate about. Nick’s more worried about Adam filing for custody of Christian (and the role Vikki played in it)

Mariah pitches her idea to Tessa and Ana. Instead of rushing into a sterile recording studio let’s put out a video of Tessa performing in a more relaxed environment. Let people see and hear the real Tessa. Ana’s interrupted when Mariah pulls Kyle into the conversation to discuss how he launched Jabot Collective by giving power to the people; influencers, social media, videos. That’s what Mariah wants to do with Tessa. She’s thrilled when Ana agrees – let’s do it – when do we start?