Monday, June 17th, 2019

Scared that Adam was going to inherit the throne at Newman, Vikki gave him money – which he used to get Dark Horse and hire an attorney, Nick explains. Nikki’s sorry to hear he’s at odds with his sister. With no company to run, Nick will spend more time with his kids. Hearing that her grandson starts T-ball today, grandma Nikki will be there to cheer him on. No judge will ever give Adam custody, she’s sure. Nick’s not – Adam always has something up his sleeve.

Sharon barges into the tackhouse – how could you!? Did you not hear anything I said about putting Christian’s needs ahead of your own?! Nick IS his Father. Christian adores him. If you knew the first thing about parenting you wouldn’t be doing this! Sharon shouts. Adam doesn’t want to cut Nick out of Christian’s life – he’ll be a loving Uncle. You’re a stranger to Christian and to ME! Sharon shrieks. He belongs to ME! Adam’s equally adamant. This vindictive game has got to stop, right now! Sharon’s orders.

Ana and Mariah work in tandem on ways to promote Tessa. To take it to a whole new level, Kyle suggests synergy – a crossover event with Jabot Collective. Tessa wears our fashions and cosmetics. Mariah doesn’t want it to turn into an ad for Jabot Collective. It’ll be subtle, Kyle reassures. Our influencers will bring fresh fans to Tessa and vice versa. OK, Mariah’s in. This is happening today – all four clink their coffee mugs. Cheers!

It’s not like my Mom to be gone this long, Summer frets to Theo on the CL’s patio. He gets a call from Kyle – what’s up? Sure, sign me up. Today? Covering his phone, Theo asks Summer if she’s up for an adventure.

Still at Society, Lauren’s pressuring Mike to share his secret when he spots a savior; Jack and enthusiastically calls him over. Looks like Mr lonely’s found a cure for his empty nest syndrome (Mike comments on Mallory) Well played – but Lauren fully intends to revisit the subject later. Hello! she stands to greet Jack.

How’s Dad? Nick asks. Worried about his children – your Dad loves you, Nikki insists. Nick knows that – but he’s fixated on Newman. Nick can’t relate – he was just forced to choose between his son and his company. It was no contest. He can start another company but there’s only one Christian.

Sharon continues to rant ‘n rave. With all his power, money and resources Victor wasn’t able to take Christian away from Nick. HE’s not Christian’s Father, Adam points out. Sharon calls him a monster. For wanting to raise my own child? Be a Father to my son? Adam balks. Stay – we’ll talk this out – you’ll see things the way I do, he’s sure. I don’t like what you’ve become – what you’ve done to Nick and Vikki, Sharon stands firm. Do you want me gone? Out of your life? Adam challenges.

If you want to end our friendship, just tell me to go and I’ll go, Adam offers. If you’re going to hurt the people I love then yeah, that’s exactly what Sharon wants. Adam never thought it would come to this. You’re the only one I can …. Sharon wishes Adam didn’t feel the need to destroy everyone. I hope you find what you want – without leaving a body count, she exits.

Victor gets a call from his receptionist – I’ll always have time for my son. Hey Adam, he says without looking up from his paperwork. Nick huffs – sorry to disappoint you. Nicholas, Victor corrects himself and looks up.

What do you guys (Summer and Theo) think? ‘New fashion line, new singer’, Kyle’s made his pitch as Mariah, Tessa and Ana look on. Theo and Summer are in. After Kyle follows them out, Mariah asks Tessa if she’s ready to rock. Take a deep breath – be yourself. You’ve got this – find your rhythm and let go, Ana adds – no pressure. Mariah records on her phone as Tessa strums and sings as she meanders around the coffee shop. Now in the apartment, on the fire escape, in the park (as Kyle, Summer and Theo watch on) When Lola arrives and kisses Kyle, Summer looks sad (despite Theo’s arm around her) All applaud as Tessa ends her song.