Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Nikki arrives at Victor’s office to find Nate taking Victor’s blood pressure. All seems to be going well – telling the kids must have been a relief. After Nate leaves, Victor asks Nikki what’s going on.

Mike’s in Adam’s office at Dark Horse – we need to talk. No, he hasn’t changed his mind on helping Adam go after his brother – he’s there to stand up for his (brother) So this is what brotherly love looks like, Adam quips. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, Mike sneers.

Traci joins Cane at CL’s – any word on the relocation? No, but even if Cane doesn’t get the job he’s still putting the house on the market. And how’s the hero in Traci’s book doing? He’s in some trouble but Traci will rescue him. Getting a call from Lily, Cane excuses himself to let Lily know that he’s aware she’s coming to town.

Nikki tells Victor that Nick is a nervous wreck – he’s hired Mike. Victor wonders why he didn’t mention something so important yesterday in the park. He’s probably wondering whose side you’ll take, Nikki says reproachfully.

On the patio, Cane assumes Lily’s coming to town for the dedication ceremony at Society (a stage named in Neil’s honour) Lily can’t make it – her students are graduating today.
Teaching the prisoners is her way of honouring Dad. And Devon will be recording it for her. Anything else? Lily has to go – bye. Cane looks disappointed.

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Nikki reminds Victor that he once sought custody of Christian. Now, you’ve brought Adam into the boy’s life; bringing him to Nick’s home unannounced. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t expect this to happen – we must all deal with it.

You think you’re on a winning streak, Mike makes a list; tracking down Chloe, taking Dark Horse, going after custody. You think Kevin will do anything you ask to get Chloe back. Your plans to use my little brother to do your dirty work are now null and void. Adam denies everything. No one’s going to believe I’m holding a dead woman hostage. Facts hold up and ruin careers, Adam’s threat is blatant.

At Society, an unfriendly Abby chides Nate for his 80’s pick up line and scoffs at him inviting her to an event taking place in her own restaurant. She’s still pissed that he didn’t tell her what’s wrong with her Dad. You’re a smart lady – you know why I couldn’t, Nate almost gets a smile.

Traci’s at home typing out the trials and tribulations of poor Flynn – who awakens in an alley to wonder how he got there. You didn’t follow instructions, corrupt Detective Carl Johnson (Paul) Where’s the woman you were calling out to in your sleep. Iris? No – Velma. She’s my girl Friday, Cane refuses to drop the case. Mr Gould is giving you one last chance to walk away from this. If not, you’ll end up in the bottom of the river – Iris will be framed. Tough choice – you should sleep on it. Carl punches Flynn (who’s again unconscious)

Traci narrates another black and white scene. Velma was hoping it would be Flynn at the door. Iris! You’re looking for Flynn? The guy you’re using to find your locket? Hearing he’s been gone for a while, Iris has a bad feeling her husband is behind this. She heard one of Derek’s employees talk about dealing with him. Iris hands Velma an address. I know you hate me but your care about Flynn as much as I do. Are you in?