Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

The ranch to big for both him and Victor, Adam’s summoned Nate to CL’s to offer him twice the market value of the penthouse. Nate would have said no – but Neil wanted him to use the money to pay it forward. And it’s hard for Nate to be there. The place means a lot to Adam too. How soon can we make this happen? Nate hands over the keys and will leave the spare on the bar when he leaves tonight.

Doing paperwork at home, Devon looks over at a framed photo of Neil. He’d love tonight’s tribute, Ana’s looking forward to it. Things are going well with Tessa – she updates on Mariah’s video and the Jabot tie-in. Devon thinks that a waste of time.

At Society, Lola assures Abby that tonight will go well. She now sees the importance of ceremonies. Yes, like her upcoming wedding. Abby’s surprised and delighted to be asked to be Lola’s maid of honour.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki mopes to Billy – Nick’s pissed at her because Adam’s wreaking havoc on his life. How do I make it end?

What do you want? Kevin takes a seat in the booth across from Adam. Wanting to be one step ahead of Nick and Vikki’s retaliation, Kevin’s orders are to find out what they’re up to. Start with Vikki.

Abby and Lola agree that what happened with Arturo doesn’t affect their friendship. First item on Abby’s list is a bridal shower. On cue, ‘Groomzilla’ arrives to tell the ladies that he has everything under control. Abby sends Lola to the kitchen – she and Kyle have this covered. We need to talk. Kyle’s all ears.

Devon thinks Tessa’s video will sound unprofessional. It’ll be raw and natural, Ana argues. We’re telling a story – the love of making music, she wants fans to feel like they’re discovering Tessa the say they did Jett. Devon thinks it a bad idea – and the tie in with Jabot is selling Tessa out. You let Mariah and Kyle override you. It’s not personal, Devon thinks Ana needs guidance. Yes, he’s going over her head. We’ll discuss it another time, he exits.

Kevin’s not James Bond, he’s Q. Computer code makes sense, people don’t. Think of this as an opportunity to improve your people skills, Adam insists. I hate you so hard, Kevin snarls. See? That language will drive people away, Adam assures Kevin that he’ll see Chloe AFTER he gets results (then leaves him fuming)

Kyle informs that he and Lola have a system – she signs off on his plans. Where does Abby see herself fitting in? She’s advocating for Lola and what SHE wants. Kyle knows what she wants and will give Lola the wedding of her dreams. He even has a colour picked out for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Fine, but Abby’s in charge of the bridal shower. And yes, she knows Lola likes Mojitos. Going to meet Nate as he arrives, Abby now has no problem calling it a date. She’ll catch up with him after the dedication. Devon arrives to read the plaque Abby had made up. ‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, life to everything. In loving memory of Neil Winters’. The next to arrive, Jett looks forward to singing with his baby girl and goes to ‘moisten up the pipes’, leaving Elena and Devon to share a few words and a hug.