Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Usually a beer guy, Rey’s enjoying wine with Sharon. She wishes she hadn’t brought Adam home. We all make mistakes, Rey’s gracious. Sharon told Adam that she’s done with him. And Rey thanks her for taking such a strong stance. Hopefully, it’ll be a long time before we hear the name Adam again. On cue, Nick stops by to see Rey – it’s about Adam.

Billy thinks Adam has some nerve – turning up in the one place in the world he doesn’t belong – at Delia’s gravesite.

With Mallory at his side, Jack joins in to applaud Ana and Jet. Neil would have been blown away, Jack wraps an arm around Devon when he admits he’s really missing his Dad tonight.

I got your message – Vikki wonders why her Dad summoned her to his office so late. Victor has good news – his illness is stabilized. He’s stepping away from NE temporarily and wants Vikki to be acting CEO in his absence. Her eyes light up.

Rey’s surprised that Nick wants him to find out what Adam was up to in the years he was presumed dead (then recites a long list of Adam’s past actions that should make him ineligible to take custody of Christian) Sharon and Nick know it’s a crapshoot when it comes to court/custody. Rey thinks it a good idea Sharon go check on CL’s – telling Nick that she’s trying to avoid all things Adam.

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Back at the cemetery, Adam tries to convince Billy that he came to tell Delia one last time that he’s sorry she’s not with her family. She’s with her Mother at least (obviously, Billy’s referring to Chloe) We don’t have anything in common and Billy hasn’t forgiven Adam (despite what he said in court) You’re not even trying to be a better man. Get the hell out of here before I lose it on you, Billy’s threat makes Adam retreat.

Assured that her Dad’s illness isn’t worse than he’s letting on, Vikki promises to do a great job. Yes, it should always have been me. Adam’s doing you a favour by walking away – the NE team never would have trusted him. Both are happy the company will be in Vikki’s capable hands ~hug~

Jack introduces Cane and Traci to Mallory – nice to finally put a name to the face. He’s disappointed to hear that Lily couldn’t make it. Summoned to the stage by Devon, Jack talks about paying it forward; especially to musicians – alcohol and drug use are deeply embedded in their world. Artists fear sobriety will cut them off from their livelihood and culture. The Abbott Winters Foundation is developing a program specifically for musicians with substance abuse problems. As all applaud, Jack gets off the stage to hug Devon.

When Nikki sent him to Vegas in search of Victor, Nick wonders if Rey came across any of ‘Spider’s’ gambling associates. Yes, Ressa; she set up poker games (but wasn’t exactly talkative) Nick wants Rey to talk to her again – maybe she’ll be more forthcoming now that her meal ticket has left town.