Friday, June 21st, 2019

Adam’s sure whoever abducted Phyllis is sorry and won’t make that mistake again. Suspecting she’s recording this, that’s as close as he’ll come to apologizing. Phyllis isn’t shocked to hear that Nick gave up Dark Horse before his son (but isn’t interested in real estate) Adam thinks her insight invaluable – this is your opportunity to rejoin the corporate heavy hitters. And just think of how Nick will reaction to YOU running the company HE created.

Say the word and Adam will draw up a contract for Phyllis. She’ll think it over but has an appointment – with a Newman. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one, she marches out.

Nick’s not ready to jump back into the corporate world. He didn’t like the day to day running of Dark Horse (but loved putting the team together) Listing the businesses he’s started, Nick might do it again but not now. He has his own plan set in motion to neutralize Adam and is just glad that Vikki’s in the role she was meant to have. Nick won’t be on the payroll as COO but is only a phone call away ~hug~

Mariah and Tessa join Ana at Society’s bar to say she’ll love the video (which they’ll send to her and Devon) Just send it to me, Ana confesses that Devon’s not sold on the video – he thinks it’ll be a cheesy infomercial for Jabot. He’s been under so much pressure – Devon doesn’t trust me; constantly shuts down my ideas, Ana’s mopes. Gee, that sounds .. terrible. Oh – that’s what I did to you, Ana realizes. Yeah, pretty much, Mariah and Tessa nod in agreement.

Dropping by Nick’s, Victor hears that Vikki just left. Credited for promoting Vikki, he wishes he’d rewarded her loyalty earlier. And that brings Victor to the reason for his visit. He wants to do something else he should have done a long time ago.

Suspecting Victor’s there to ask him to come back to NE (like Vikki just did) Nick must focus on Christian right now. Victor understands and knows that Adam’s suing for custody. What a guy, they agree. Nick’s begrudgingly grateful that Victor kicked Adam off the ranch. I haven’t always been the best Father to you, he admits. He sued Nick for custody because he feared not being able to see his grandson. I was wrong. You’re that boy’s Father in every way that counts. You’re a great Dad. The unexpected praise brings Nick to tears – I didn’t expect to hear this. Victor asks Nick to forgive him for times he was not a good Father.

The party in full swing at Society, Tessa and Mariah leave the dance floor to join Ana (who ordered bubbly to toast ‘getting things accomplished’) Admittingly she wasn’t supportive initially but is now totally onboard with their vision. Mariah’s sure Ana and Devon will work things out. He sees me as his little sister, not a professional. Tessa has another perspective – you see him as an overbearing older brother, not a talented producer. Admitting they’re right, Ana will go home and make peace with her brother.

Thank God you’re safe! Summer hugs her Mom on the CL’s patio. I was so worried. It was a spur of the moment trip, Phyllis shrugs it off. I left you like 50 messages, Summer looks at her phone. No, she didn’t get the text her Mom recently sent her. Summer then mentions her Mom’s recent stunts – Jack’s party, Vikki and Billy’s ceremony (arriving with Adam of all people) Did he have something to do with your little getaway? Phyllis doesn’t know how to answer that – but no, I’m not involved with him. When I was in Vegas….. Vegas!? What the hell, Mom? Summer’s pissed.