Friday, June 21st, 2019

Tessa and Mariah drink to their great future. Tessa feels a bit guilty that their cool little video caused a rift between Ana and Devon. It would have been something else, Mariah promises; Ana went from being Devon’s assistant to a partner in his favourite division. They’ll work it out. Tessa expresses how much she appreciates what Mariah’s done for her. You just needed someone to believe in you, Mariah gives her a kiss.

Devon? Ana comes home to hear that Devon’s asleep. I’ll go see if his light’s on. He needs to get some rest, Elena stops her. Ana makes a beeline for the pills – did he have another panic attack???

Back on the CL’s patio, Phyllis promises that Summer has the wrong idea about her and Adam. Summer sure could have used her Mom’s support (Kyle and Lola are engaged) She’s not impressed to see that her Mom’s been shopping. I’m sick of worrying about someone who doesn’t care about me! You think it’s OK to disappear? I’ve been the only one keeping this relationship alive. This is me walking away! Summer does just that.

If Nick had a nickel for every time his Dad admitted he’s wrong. You’d have five cents, Victor jokes. Kidding aside, Nick appreciates the apology (but had already forgiven him) Victor felt that when invited to Chrisitan’s T-ball game. You’re my Dad – I love you. Yes, you’ve hurt me and made mistakes but you being willing to spend your life in prison to protect Mom and Vikki makes you the bravest man I know. Chrisitan will be in your life so he learns to love you as much as I do. Both men are in tears as Nick’s expresses willingness to put that past issues behind them if Victor is.

Adam finds Vikki working at NE. Does Dad know you sneak into his office to sit behind his desk? he asks. I’m right where I belong. I’m CEO now, Vikki boasts. In that case, you’re welcome, Adam replies.

Ana regrets arguing with Devon – he was already upset about Nate selling the penthouse. Elena confides that she and Devon are getting serious. That’s great – unless you guys got into a fight too? Elena thinks Devon felt guilty. He feels Hilary wouldn’t want him to be involved with anyone else.

Christian’s out of bed to play dinosaurs and have some fun time with his Dad and Grandpa.

I recommended you for the gig – Victor took my advice. Adam thinks it cute the way Vikki throws herself into her work. You’re in control – until you make a decision Victor doesn’t like. You only have the appearance of authority. Good night Adam. Good night Sis – congratulations. Vikki’s left frowning.

Phyllis is pouting at Society’s bar. Instead of texting Summer, she orders another drink.