Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Now at CL’s, Traci’s replaying the kiss between Velma and Flynn when Cane appears to say ‘we have to stop meeting like this’. Of all the gin joints…. I’m saying it’s a coincidence. Traci doesn’t believe in coincidences. Running into Cane is downright poetic.

Now seated, Traci thinks it fitting that Cane (who her main character is loosely based on) is the first to hear the news; she’s finished her story. Cane wants to celebrate – what would your characters do? Back at the Abbott mansion, Cane toasts to Traci’s success. She describes the emotional rollercoaster of writing – sometimes the story takes on a life of it’s own. When Cane asks for a sneak peek, Traci’s flattered – and begins to read – It was 1946, America had won the war overseas but Flynn had lost the war at home.

Over beers at the apartment, Theo and Kyle talk about the good old days in New York. Kyle’s sorry he hurt Summer but is glad she worked through it. You think she’s really over you? Theo’s not sure he would have handled things as well as Summer.

Lola, Tessa and Mariah tell Ana about the night Kyle had Tessa serenade Lola. Seeing Summer by herself at the bar, Lola goes over to ask how her Mom is. She’s home, Summer thanks Lola for listening to her ‘verbally vomit’. Gift time! Abby announces. Lola opens Elena’s gift; bath soaps. A gift certificate for a couples massage. Lingerie from Abby; inspired by angel and devil. At the bar, Summer watches silently – then comes over with something to say.

Phyllis claimed to be here to congratulate me for Jabot Collective but Jack knows she was there to tell him she’s CEO of Dark Horse. Rummaging through the basket looking for listening devices, Jack comes across a bottle of champagne and chocolate (which Lauren’s glad to share)

Theo’s not looking to settle down and he’ll miss the old Kyle – may that guy rest in peace. Kyle reluctantly allows Theo to throw him a bachelor party – nothing too crazy.

As all watch on, Summer tells Lola that it hasn’t been easy – we’ll never be best friends but we can co-exist. I’m not your enemy. I won’t sabotage you and Kyle. Hopefully, we can put the past behind us and move forward. Enjoy the rest of your shower, Summer leaves. No one saw that coming. Lola respects her for it. Abby’s sure she can get the party back on track with another surprise. Mom!? Lola jumps up to hug her Mom.

At CL’s, Theo whines to Summer that Kyle’s become boring. He’s planning a bachelor party he’ll never forget.

Home alone, Kyle sends Lola a message – he can’t wait to have her all to himself.

Lola’s Mom is so happy Abby reached out to her (and is sorry about Arturo) She then picks through the gifts, making negative comments. Scolded by Lola, Mama Rosales gushes that she’s so happy for her baby girl ~hug~

Jabot Collective at Fenmore’s is a bonafide success. It was your vision, Lauren praises. Jack’s happy to see his hard work pay off. Asked about Mallory, Jack confides that he took her out on a date. She’s good company – we have things in common. Lauren’s happy Jack’s taking a chance. He’s lucky to have her for a friend. Lauren hopes the next chapter in his life is full of happiness (they clink glasses)

As Traci finishes her novel, Cane murmurs – she saved him. They saved each other, Traci corrects. Did you like it? Cane’s proud that he played a small part in helping with the story. It’s incredible – you’re incredible ~kiss~