Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Mariah needs to show the video to Ana before uploading it. She’s probably still up. Then what? Tessa asks about the logistics. Don’t freak out – but I don’t exactly know, Mariah admits. This is her first project at Power Communications. But Devon can’t know she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Let’s go see Ana, they agree.

When Cane arrives at Society, Billy orders him a drink. And when Cane mentions that Traci just finished her new novel, Billy wonders how he knew that.

Yes, Chloe would like to see the life ebbing out of Adam’s body – to see him begging and broken. She wants Adam to feel the suffering, despair and emptiness that hasn’t left her. Bella’s a joy – but she only gets half a Mother (the other half of Chloe is consumed by hatred for Adam) He knows what drives Chloe but nothing good drives Adam. He’s haunted by that night; replays it constantly wishing for a different ending. Covering it up was a mistake that left a stain on his soul. Forget me and my miserable life – I won’t tell anyone you’re alive. But this has to be the end. Go home to your daughter. After Adam leaves, Kevin returns. Yes, Chloe’s OK but needs a huge favour – and please don’t say no.

At the penthouse, Mariah and Tessa show Ana the video. It’s amazing, I love it, Ana just wants to tweak the audio and is happy to show Mariah how it’s done. Tessa’s excited but what if Devon brings this to a screeching halt?

Jack comes home to find Traci flashing back to Cane’s kiss. Where were you just now and what put that smile on your face?

Billy’s happy for Traci but thought she’d tell her family first (that she’d finished her book) And what’s this about you leaving Chancellor? Watching your family fall apart changes your priorities, Cane’s helping released prisoners find work. Cheers – Billy’s impressed. You can’t fix anyone else until you fix yourself. Which pundit said that? Your sister, Traci.

Kevin leads a confused Ester into the room – brace yourself and turn around. OMG – what have you gotten me into? she wonders. Her back stiffens when hearing a familiar voice. Mom? This isn’t a hallucination – I’m alive. Ester turns around and weeps in Chloe’s arms.

This is real; you’re real, Ester cries. I’ve prayed for this. How is it possible? It’s a long story – Chloe faked her death and has been living with Kevin and Bella. She can’t go home with Ester. She tried to kill Adam again and no one can know she’s alive. Promise me. Ester will do anything for her Katie ~hug~ Come spend some time with me and Bella. OK, Ester can come now. Pack and meet me at the airport. Chloe has something to do first.

Jack’s thrilled to hear Traci’s finished her book – no wonder you’re smiling. Traci already had a cocktail – and Cane suggested throwing her a party. Jack wished he’d thought of it – this family doesn’t give you enough recognition. When she again mentions Cane, Jack’s interrupted – then sits back to watch Traci answer his call; giggling like a schoolgirl.

Leaving Society, Billy gets a text from an unknown number – come to Delia’s grave, it’s important. This isn’t Adam. Please come.

Ana will handle Devon. He’ll love the finished project and not bring someone in to babysit me, she hopes. You two boost my confidence, she appreciates Mariah and Tessa’s support.

As Jack listens, Traci’s animated as she and Cane discuss a particular scene in her book (which he thinks perfect) Quietly apologizing to Jack, Traci walks off babbling happily into her phone.

Kevin’s at CL’s reading a text from Chloe. Mom’s coming with me – wanted to say goodbye to Delia, then the airport. Love you. Love you too – be safe, Kevin replies. Adam takes a sweat – I did my part, now it’s your turn. Give me the dirt on Nick so I can get my son back.

Seated at Delia’s grave, Billy’s stunned when Chloe appears.