Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Theo gets Summer to put away her phone and stop talking about Kyle long enough to briefly discuss his trip to Austin. When she again vents about Kyle, Theo stands to announce that he’s off to Austin. Yes, now – there’s no point sticking around to listen to Summer obsess about Kyle. Maybe when I get back you’ll be ready to move on for real.

Nikki comes back to the office to scold Victor for looking at work on Vikki’s desk. Snatching the folder from his hand, she’s taking Victor somewhere that will make him forget all about business.

Checking out the competition? Phyllis greets Vikki from behind her desk at Dark Horse. Back and forth the insults go until Vikki claims she’s there out of professional courtesy. She just finalized the purchase of a flagship company that’s moving from a Dark Horse-owned property to a Newman-owned one. Good luck finding another tenant, a triumphant Vikki leaves Phyllis to pout.

Both with busy schedules, Devon and Elena decide to have their second first date now. She’s dressed perfectly for where Devon’s taking her.

Nick didn’t know what to think when Chelsea started texting him. She knew what to think when he didn’t respond. He then admits that it was Vikki who text her to say that Adam was alive. Nick didn’t want her to know and wonders why she came back to town – if not to see Adam. Calvin arrives – also wanting to hear the answer and be introduced to Chelsea’s ‘date’. Things get even more awkward when she makes introductions.

Cotton in handy in hand, Elena’s delighted that Devon’s brought her to the carnival. Why is she teasing him about being rich? Because she likes to see him smile.

Joining Summer on the CL’s patio, it doesn’t take long for Phyllis to realize that he daughter’s drunk. I’m self-medicating and fine, Summer insists as she wobbles off to the car she called to take her home. I’m not letting you leave like this – I’ll always be here for you – I’ve got you, Phyllis helps Summer out the door.

Nikki’s brought Victor out of his comfort zone – to the carnival. You don’t think this is ‘my jam’? Victor amuses her with his hip lingo. She then reads what the fortune teller machine spit out – Victor will lead a long, happy life. Now, step right over here and win the little lady a prize, she leads him to the games.

Nick watches as Calvin confronts Chelsea for not staying at the spa she told him she’d be at. Imagine my surprise when the florist called to say there was no guest at the spa by that name. And how did Calvin find Chelsea at Society? Even if she didn’t leave a digital trail, he’d have figured it out. Chelsea wanted Adam to know where she stands and didn’t tell Calvin because he might try to change her mind. Calvin laments that he’s never had any luck changing Chelsea’s mind. You had any luck? he asks Nick. No, he can’t say that he has.

At the carnival, Devon introduces Elena to Victor and Nikki (who are surprised to hear that she won the big bear Devon’s carrying around) She then pulls out the cute little prize Devon won. All laugh and part ways – enjoy your night. Nikki and Victor are pleased to see Devon smiling after losing so much. We often don’t know how strong we are until tested.

In a suite at the club, Summer doesn’t know what Theo’s problem was – she mentioned Kyle, once, twice, maybe three times, max. How dare he walk out on me. He doesn’t know who he’s messing with. Phyllis stops her from calling or texting Theo. Summer continues to blather on about Kyle – I trusted him with my heart and my liver. I’m going to light up the sky with my independence. Phyllis vows to always be there for Summer. Going off to Vegas was a one-time thing. Yes, of course, she still loves Summer and always will.

Nick – the Newman Chelsea didn’t marry, Calvin drawls. Yes, that’d be me, Nick confirms. Calvin’s heard his Dad is a ‘task-master’; some would say infamous. He’s devoted to his family, Nick claims. Calvin is too – he’s enjoyed watching Connor grow up. He and Chelsea are both taken care of – no need for you to worry about either of them anymore. Nick furrows his brow.

Back at the penthouse, Devon plans to donate the giant teddy bear to a hospital for kids to enjoy. Elena puts the tiny teddy bear in front of a framed photo of Devon, Lily and Neil. He thinks it the perfect spot and is rewarded with a passionate kiss.

Phyllis emerges from the bathroom to find Summer already in bed and asleep (so climbs in beside her)

Calvin shows Nick a photo of him and Connor with a catfish they caught. He’s been very good to both of us, Chelsea once again makes clear. Deciding the evening over, Calvin shakes Nick’s hand. Chelsea looks like she’s being lead to the gallows as she sadly looks back at Nick (who doesn’t look happy either)