Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Phyllis awakens alone in Summer’s bed. Late for work, she reads the note Summer left behind and wishes herself a Happy 4th of July.

At Society, Kyle rejoins Jack to say that Summer went home to recover from her hangover. They discuss the gathering they’re planning for Lola’s Mom – and the cover-up. Celeste wants to stay at ‘Lola’s’ until the wedding.

Celeste has made a dish to take to the Abbott’s – is Jack as handsome and the Abbott house as grand as they look in the magazines? It must be hard to find time to be together. Worried about Lola living alone, Celeste suggests she get a roommate. Confessing that she and Kyle live together, Lola’s surprised when her Mom admits that she knew all along.

Ana joins Tessa and Mariah at CL’s to show them how many hits Tessa’s video’s getting. Mariah reads a glowing comment aloud and asks if Devon’s excited. She’s alarmed to hear that Devon hasn’t seen the video, much less OK’d it being uploaded. Are you crazy? Mariah frets.

Kyle leaves Society as Phyllis arrives. Jack informs that Summer left already – she’s nursing a hangover. Phyllis is instantly in tears – the only time my daughter wants to see me is when she’s miserable.

Ana rationalizes – Devon will love the video; he’s too busy and she didn’t want to wait. Agreeing, Tessa’s surprised/relieved that the posted comments are positive. Mariah still worries about Devon’s reaction but suggests they celebrate. The first to leave, Ana will meet them at the carnival later. With a kiss, Tessa’s sent on ahead so Mariah can work on promoting the video. Kevin comes along to update that he now has a positive attitude and will beat these people at their own game.

Celeste doesn’t feel bad about ousting Kyle to spend some quality time with her daughter – and no one forced you to lie. Where did those come from? Lola looks at the religious candles and threatens to make her Mother a very spicy dish. Celeste likes it hot.

Forget I said anything, Phyllis is about to leave. Jack stops her – are you alright? Phyllis is not feeling like a great Mom – did Summer say anything? Not in the state she was in, Jack quips. Phyllis thought they bridged the gap last night – but Summer wants nothing to do with me. Jack recommends she change her entire personality. Phyllis recommends he go straight to hell.

So, nothing’s changed except your attitude and you can’t tell me what you did or to whom, Mariah sums it up correctly. Kevin won’t drag anyone into this. Mariah doesn’t have much faith in the power of positive thinking. It worked for Oprah and the founding fathers, Kevin has faith. Let’s go celebrate America. The pair head off to the carnival.

At the house, Traci reassures a nervous Kyle – Billy and Abby aren’t coming and I won’t embarrass you, she chuckles. Kyle just wants this to go well; where’s Dad? Uh oh, they’re here, his anxiety increases. With encouragement, Kyle answers the door. Celeste talks about the appetizer she’s brought over. Unable to get a moment alone with Kyle, Lola makes faces as he (and Traci) make a point pretending Kyle lives there. The jig’s up – she knows, Lola interrupts. All then chuckle about how bad a liar Kyle is.

Jack meant that Phyllis should be the person Summer needs her to be day in day out, not for one night. This Phyllis 2.0 is full of bitterness and vengeance. She disagrees – she’s on top of the world and doing a great job at Dark Horse. Come to the party at Adam’s tonight and see the real Phyllis 2.0, she invites then marches out.

Kyle and Lola are relieved to tell the truth (and that Celeste’s OK with it) but that doesn’t mean Kyle can come home – the couple should both be spending time with family before the wedding. As Kyle pours drinks, Celeste asks Traci about her upcoming novel. When Jack comes home, Lola gasps as her Mom flirts with him. Jack expresses how happy he is to be welcoming Lola into the family. He’s thrown off when Cane arrives (as invited by Traci)

Adam? Phyllis calls up the stairs of the penthouse. As staff prepare for the dinner party, she reads a note he left – he’ll make it when/if he can.

Drinks in hand, Cane’s praising Lola’s cooking skills when Jack and Celeste return from a tour of the house. Next, we’ll check out the poolhouse, where Kyle lives. All smile as Jack’s informed that Celeste knows. He and then Kyle make a touching toast – he promises to love and honour Lola the rest of his life. He’s grateful that fate brought them together. ‘To fate’, all clink glasses.