Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Look sharp, Phyllis instructs her staff as the Baldwin’s arrive – late. She has no idea why people aren’t here. Lauren does – no one knows what to make of you teaming up with Adam. When Lauren goes to get a drink, Phyllis busts Mike (knowing Kevin must have told him that he’d kidnapped her)

Strolling through the carnival with Kevin, Mariah raves about Tessa – and wait til you see Ana all grown up. But in the few moments it takes for Mariah to greet Tessa and Ana, Kevin’s vanished.

Also at the carnival, Cane thanks Traci for inviting him over. Hearing that Jack was looking at him sideways, Traci tells him not to worry about it – the house is just as much hers. Cane then suggests a sequel – the characters have such chemistry. Traci narrates a scene – Velma hides Flynn from the bad guys chasing him through the carnival. Then what happens? Traci stammers but won’t tell him what happens next (because she’s envisioned a kiss) Instead, she sings a song and buys Cane cotton candy.

My mom just wants to spend some alone time with me, Lola placates Kyle. I miss you, he whines. Celeste bursts in to interrupt – bet there’s some great fireworks on TV tonight. Where do you keep your clicker? Lola and Kyle look unenthused.

Kevin was just here a minute ago – it’s not like him to just disappear, Mariah worries – but then all three girls are distracted and delighted to hear Tessa’s song playing over the PA. Kevin appears to take credit for having the sound guy put it on.

Arriving at the party, Jack’s astounded when Phyllis tells him that Adam’s not there. Not attending his own event?!

Kyle suggests the three of them go to the carnival to watch fireworks. Celeste isn’t up to it and would like to go home with Lola (who stands her ground and sends her Mom home with the keys) Kyle’s impressed and likes Lola’s idea of making their own fireworks ~kiss~

Cane’s fascinated by the publishing process (but disagrees he had much to do with Traci’s book) How about we go listen to some jazz? Traci thinks that sounds wonderful.

Phyllis leaves Summer a message – come by Adam’s for a little shindig. I got your note but wanted to talk. Lauren whispers to Jack – she interrupted Mike and Phyllis talking. It was clear they didn’t want me to hear. Jack then announces what’s blatantly obvious – this is a bad party. Phyllis collects everyone’s drinks and tells them to go. Take care of yourself, Lauren says as all three guests file out. Now alone, Phyllis drinks straight from the bottle then watches fireworks through the window – and her tears.