Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Vikki’s gazing at Victor’s portrait when Billy comes in to find her behind a mountain of paperwork. She’s so sorry she forgot to meet him for his birthday dinner. That’s OK, Billy’s understanding and looks over her shoulder at her new project. Is that what I think it is? That’s what having this kind of power looks like, she replies.

Chelsea’s blathering on about her old studio in GC and Chancellor Park as she and Calvin return to their suite. Calvin enjoyed the tour and announces that he went on an excursion before meeting up with her. Where? To see Adam Newman.

Adam comes home to find Phyllis digging into a huge cake and chugging champagne from the bottle. Did anyone show for the party? he asks.

After watching Tessa’s video online, Elena approves but Devon heard problems with the audio. We wanted it to be natural, not overproduced, Ana adds that she wanted to release it on the holiday weekend to catch that peak wave. Devon’s now even more sure that his sister’s not ready to produce by herself.

Summer’s brought take-out home to thank her Dad for letting her stay with him while she’s at loose ends. She’s impressed with how well Nick’s reacting to his brother stealing his company and his ex running it. Nick doesn’t want Summer to have to choose sides (though she’s clearly on his – Mom doesn’t care what anyone thinks anymore)

Never mind the party (or lack thereof) – we have a beautiful new hotel opening up, Phyllis tells Adam that she’s on top of the world, even if she is there on her own. You’re not entirely alone – who needs friends when you can have enemies, Adam grabs his own bottle to toast.

Vikki’s shown Billy an empty lot that was once a building partly owned by Dark Horse. She convinced the flagship tenant to move to a Newman owned building and knock the other one down. Billy has an idea if Vikki’s willing to take a break from wielding power ~kiss~

Over Chinese take out, Summer whines about her Mom and vows not to drink for a while. Theo left for a business trip a day early because she was ‘wallowing’ and obsessing over Kyle and Lola. His texts are vague and she has no idea what he’s thinking. Nick suggests actually talking to Theo – be clear on what you want. Summer’s surprised to hear that Chelsea’s back – what does she want – what do you want? Nick looks conflicted.

Chelsea’s not pleased that Calvin had already seen Adam when asking about her visit with him – were you testing me? Calvin was concerned about her safety so wanted to judge Adam for himself. And what was his impression? Calvin feels for the broken-hearted man who just wants to be with his son. And so he’s decided that Connor should be with his Father and that’s Adam.

Bottles of champagne in hand, Phyllis updates Adam on who came to the party and that for some reason Nick blames her for Chelsea leaving town.

At Society, Elena wants to discuss what happened with Ana. Devon feels she’s in over her head – but that’s partly his fault for throwing her into the deep end without experience. Taking Elena’s hand, Devon’s grateful she didn’t give up on him and wishes he didn’t have to leave town tonight. Theo comes over to chat with Devon. Getting a message from his office, he assumes Devon wants to set up another tie in (like Tessa’s video) No, Devon wants to discuss something entirely different.