Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Nick reads his fortune (cookie) An old love will come back to you. Summer has goosebumps – and no, she didn’t set that up. Nick’s vague about Chelsea having to leave town. He didn’t respond to her messages until recently (when Adam returned) Did she want to get back together? Nick thinks it more about closure. To single life, they toast.

Chelsea flips – give up Connor?! Adam threatened you, didn’t he? As Connor’s legal parent, Calvin must act in his best interest. Adam won’t give up and why should he? Connor is his son. Calvin adopted the boy because he needed a Father. YOU are his Father – shame on you for even suggesting this! Chelsea’s stunned. He’s MY child. I’m the constant in Connor’s life. You can email, video chat, Calvin shrugs it off. How could you think I’d agree to this!? Chelsea’s then reminded that Johnny’s being raised by his Father. I gave him up for adoption at birth – it’s different. Calvin thinks it best for everyone – then we can start a family of our own. Chelsea still can’t believe it. Deciding it’s time to get some rest, Calvin concludes by saying that he does care about Connor – that’s why he’s willing to make this sacrifice. Chelsea’s left to look horrified.

Introducing Theo to Elena, Devon asks him why he gave up music to become an agent. Theo wanted to branch out into social media. Invited to take a seat, he asks them what they think of Tessa’s video. He’d have cleaned the audio up before uploading it. Devon agrees and isn’t a fan of the product placement. Things are different now, Theo supports tie ins and would love to talk to Devon about it more. Sure, but now Devon wants to focus on his date. Elena loves seeing Devon so passionate about what he’s doing.

At the carnival, Billy’s having the best birthday ever. We’re going to go on every ride and play every game, he gives Vikki a kiss.

Strapping her shoe on, Phyllis’ focus is on making them and Dark Horse very rich. In fact, she’s stopping at the office on her way home. Adam’s left to read a text from Kevin – he’s been following Chelsea and some old guy all over town – they’re at the club now.

Phone in hand, Summer tells her Dad that she’s checking her feed and sees that Theo’s back from Texas (where he had a fun time judging by the photos he posted) He’s cool but things are casual. She’s going to take Nick’s advice and go talk to Theo face to face – and show him that she’s a fun girl he’d be lucky to have.

Have a safe and productive trip, Elena kisses Devon and leaves for work. Ana marches in hoping Devon’s changed his mind on bringing someone in to babysit her. Don’t look at it that way – Devon just wants to give Ana the tools she needs to succeed. With proper mentoring you could be a great producer. With a guy who Tweets all day!? Ana’s not thrilled with Devon’s choice of mentors; Theo.

Adam reads another text – the older guy is Chelsea’s husband. Keep your eyes and ears open, Adam replies to Kevin before leaving the penthouse.

Billy and Vikki’s great evening now finds them at a shooting game. Picking up a rifle, Billy flashes back to removing his gun from it’s case (the other evening at the Abbott mansion)

All three seated at Society, Devon tries to sell Ana on Theo – he’d be an asset to Hamilton Winters; he can create new synergy with artists and marketers; the possibilities are endless. Ana clearly has no love for the ‘party’ boy who’s got himself a pretty sweet deal. Impressed with Theo, Devon leaves him and Ana to get to know each other better.

I’m cleaning your clock, Vikki cackles as she fires away at her target. Billy’s lost in his own thoughts (him and Adam at the cemetery the other night) Raising his rifle, he hits the star. Strolling by, Adam gets a text from Kevin – EMT’s called to the club (he’s not sure why) Adam hurries off.

Nick gets a call from a sobbing Chelsea – it’s a nightmare; he’s dead.. my husband’s dead!

You don’t like me very much do you? Theo states the obvious. Ana explains her point of view; you aren’t even doing music anymore and now you’re my boss. Devon thinks of me as a child. Theo’s sympathetic as Ana continues to express here humiliation; you didn’t even interview for this job, did you? If it wasn’t me, it’d be someone else – Theo wants Ana to embrace this and earn Devon’s respect. She agrees – resistance won’t help. I’ll give it a try. Theo toasts to a beautiful working relationship. Maybe we’ll have some fun along the way. Summer arrives as they clink glasses.

Vikki finally snaps Billy out of his thoughts and failing to notice that he’s out of sorts, returns her attention to the shooting game.

Thank God! I didn’t know who else to call, Chelsea weeps in Nick’s arms (the EMT’s pack up; Calvin’s still on the gurney) Pausing to watch through the wide open door of the suite, Phyllis joins Adam. Tough break, she says casually.

Happy 4th of July!!