Friday, July 5th, 2019

Just the man I wanted to see, Phyllis accosts Chief Williams in the park. What’s the statute of limitations on assault? Specifically, Chelsea leaving Sharon unconscious. Paul had no evidence – Sharon didn’t see who assaulted her. Phyllis just wanted Paul to know the truth. Paul will keep what Phyllis said in mind. He has another matter to discuss – he hasn’t closed the book on her recent disappearance (which she shrugs off as an impromptu vacation – case closed – there’s nothing strange about it) Paul wants to hear more about her vacation; the truth this time.

Ana fully accepts that Devon brought Theo on to share his ideas and expertise. We should be able to talk through any disputes. Summer returns to joke about Theo being a know it all. What he really like to work with? Ana asks. Summer’s gushing gives Ana the hint that it’s time for her to go. Now that business is over with, Summer thinks it time to play. After – Theo has something important to talk about.

Paul’s sceptical – Phyllis only sent Summer one text? And what’s up with her and Adam? Focus your attention elsewhere, Phyllis makes Paul laugh – the guilty ones always say that. Chelsea’s been in town a matter of days and her husband drops dead – and you’re asking me about my vacation? When did lack of evidence ever stop Paul from solving a mystery? You’re slipping.

Chelsea’s eyes are wide open – she sees Adam. Calvin came by to visit – we talked man to man; he thinks Connor should be with me. Chelsea suspects Adam tried to bribe or manipulate Calvin. No, we just saw the situation the same way. At no point did we discuss taking Connor out of your life. Chelsea doesn’t want Adam in her life – she wants to be free of him. Nick appears – you heard her. Adam’s sorry – but we’re not done, not by a longshot. Time to go, Nick follows Adam to the door.

All Theo could think about in Austin was ‘Summer should be here with me’. He’s met many different women, all over the world but no one as smart and sexy as Summer. Her glow just draws him in. Summer’s touched – thank you. Now, what’s this big idea?

Nate joins Elena on the CL’s patio. I’m not the best company right now, she warns. Nate saw them bring the DOA in. Elena can’t help wondering; what if they could have gotten there sooner. How do you learn not to second guess yourself? Yes, it’s the first patient she lost. Yes, it’s triggering memories of her Mom. I wasn’t there for her when she needed me the most. Nate asks if she can handle a job making life and death decisions – or is it time to do something else with your life?

Chelsea needs to know what Calvin and Adam talked about. No way my husband would have agreed to hand Connor over to Adam. And now that Calvin’s dead, Adam will have a greater claim to Connor. Nick won’t let that happen. He’ll get her a lawyer. Chelsea must go to Connor’s camp to give him the bad news; he loved Calvin. Yes, Nick will go with her – I’d do anything for you. Eat and rest first. I can’t thank you enough, Chelsea sighs.

Phyllis can tell that Adam’s not at Dark Horse on business – you didn’t follow my advice, did you? You cornered Chelsea instead of giving her space. Adam’s pissed that Nick’s using Calvin’s death to get Chelsea back. Like you’re not, Phyllis scoffs. Declaring herself the closest thing he has to a friend, she’ll give Adam some cold, hard truths to set him straight.

Back on the patio, Elena brightens up when talking about a woman in labour (she’ll probably name her baby after me) Nate thinks it time she finish her residency and credits Elena for helping Devon. You have friends – we’re here if you need us, Nate concludes his pep talk with a smile.

Inside the coffee shop, Theo talks about being surrounded by influencers in Texas – but none of them is as good as you. Be an influencer. Me? Yes, your finger’s on the pulse of fashion and beauty, Theo continues – you know how to spark interest – be the JVC Influencer. Make this happen – I’ll help you build your brand. And what does Theo get? 10% and anything else Summer wants to give him. Laughing, the pair scramble into a suite upstairs and can’t get into bed quick enough (which is why they land on the floor)

Bringing out a breakfast tray, Nick puts it down to wrap a blanket over Chelsea as she sleeps on the sofa.

Phyllis hates to break it to Adam but Chelsea’s far from the vision of perfection he’s created in his mind. She’s a conwoman – how long did it take for her to glom onto Nick? She stole from Fenmore’s. She used Christian’s paternity as a bargaining chip – threatening to expose the truth if I exposed her. Adam knows Chelsea isn’t perfect – but we WILL be a family again. He doesn’t care who he has to destroy to make that happen.