Thursday, July 11th, 2019

At Society, Celeste’s impressed when the gentlemanly Kyle jumps up to seat her. Raised by a single Mom, Kyle learned how to treat a woman. About last night, we weren’t expecting company, Kyle’s surprised Celeste dropped by so late. She really wanted to make amends with Lola. She loves and respects you – we’re both happy you’ll be part of the wedding, Kyle’s smooth. Celeste just wants her daughter to be happy but implies that they should hold off on ‘all that’ until after the wedding. What did I miss? Lola arrives to awkward silence.

Nikki stops by Vikki’s office to inform that she’s going to a doctor’s appointment then taking Victor out for lunch. His treatment is going well; though Victor is experiencing some side effects (forgetting what day it is or why he walked into a room) We can handle it, Nikki’s optimistic and prays it doesn’t last or worsen.

At the Chancellor Estate, Ester tells Billy that Jill’s not there; neither’s Kevin and I have no idea where he is, she offers unprompted. Both are still in shock that Chloe’s alive (and she’s asked them both to check on Kevin) He comes and goes at all hours and never says where he’s going or what he’s doing, Ester appreciates that Billy will figure out what Kevin’s up to. She’ll text him when Kevin comes back. About to leave, Billy picks up a doll that belonged to Delia. Not sure where it came from, Ester assumes Kevin left it out – he video chats with Bella all the time. Yeah, maybe, struggling with his emotions, Billy puts the doll down and quickly leaves.

What were you talking about? Lola asks again. Us; Our future – there’s some things Celeste and I don’t see eye to eye on, Kyle admits. But we agree on the important things, like your happiness, Celeste quickly adds. It’s just that it’s all happening so fast; the job, the wedding and now your friend wants you to be a star. Maybe you guys can slow it down a bit. No, Celeste isn’t suggesting they postpone the wedding. Kyle can barely contain his annoyance – Lola and I will decide how we live our life. When Mariah rushes over with something urgent to discuss with Kyle, Lola encourages him to go ahead. I got this babe.

At Dark Horse, Phyllis is on the phone; Tell them this hotel is so smart even Einstein would be impressed. Millennials love high tech. Make sure the influencers rooms are comped and fully stocked. Hanging up as Adam arrives, Phyllis boasts – THIS is how you plan a party. Adam’s glad she has something to fall back on. His hint and tone undetected, he then tells Phyllis to take her victory lap alone. Vikki told him he shouldn’t trust Phyllis. No Newman, including Vikki, will ever get the better of me again. She then guesses what really has Adam’s boxers in a bunch – his cheating, lying, possibly murdering ex, Chelsea. Told that Adam gave Paul evidence that Chelsea had motive to kill her husband, even Phyllis didn’t think him that cold. She’s keeping my son from me and about to find out how big a mistake that is, Adam scowls.

At CL’s, Paul tells Chris that he wouldn’t have known about Chelsea’s argument with Adam if he hadn’t given him the thumb drive. Shown the autopsy results, Chris thinks it clear what Paul’s next step should be.

So, was operation blast from the past a success? Nick asks. You don’t have to keep coming up with ways to distract me, Chelsea can’t get the word ‘inconclusive’ out of her head. What happens to Connor if I’m arrested? No more running, Nick reminds. Taking Connor on the run would make things worse. Chelsea wishes she’d listened to Nick and not got in Adam’s face. Nick will support Chelsea – IF that’s what she wants. Why are you being so good to me? she wonders – after everything I did. I was hurt, sad and angry when you left, but I never ….Nick’s interrupted by the doorbell.

Watching from a nearby table, Kyle wonders what Lola’s showing her Mom on her tablet. Your birthday suit demonstration, Mariah jokes – just kidding – it’s the edited cooking video. Looks like Lola and her Mom have called a truce. Yeah, but it’s the ‘terms’ Kyle’s worried about.

Yes, Celeste’s crying – seeing the video; her Lola’s all grown up. I’m afraid you won’t need me anymore. I’ll always need you, Lola reassures. Both laugh when Celeste claims she’ll try to back off on the advice/criticism. We both know that’s never going to happen.

Also at Society, Billy tells Vikki that a weird feeling came over him when he picked up the doll – memories he’d locked away. For that one second, it felt like Delia was here. A supportive Vikki doesn’t think it crazy. It’s all too much. It’s not too much for Billy as long as he has Vikki’s support. She then goes over to the bar, where Victor’s agitated because the bartender ‘refuses’ to sell him his favourite Tequila. What do you mean you don’t have it in stock? Nonsense! I’ve been ordering it here for years. Yes, we’ll speak to Abby, Vikki defuses the situation and follows her befuddled Father as he marches off to see Nikki.