Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Laura gave me a video walkthrough of the new hotel, Adam’s impressed. Phyllis agrees – Nick worked hard on it for a year and we get to reap the benefits. Yes, she feels bad about that – probably as bad as Adam feels for implicating Chelsea in a murder. I bet our soon to be ex-DA would like to redeem herself with a murder conviction. Adam plans to buy off Christine’s replacement. Yes, he does think he can buy anything. Everyone has a price. You’re proof of that.

Paul’s at the house to update Chelsea and Nick that Calvin died of a heart attack. Case closed. Have your funeral director call to arrange the release of your husband’s body. Sorry for your loss. Oh, one more thing. Watch out for Adam. He doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

As Victor looks out the office window, Vikki quietly tells her Mom that she wanted to take Dad home but he wanted to see you. I’ll take it from here, Nikki says just as quietly then joins Victor to tell him not to worry about what the bartender thinks of him (or that people may start talking soon) We can stick closer to home; there’s plenty to do there. We can’t ignore this anymore, Victor sighs. We’ll get through this – and there’s no need for Victor to ever wonder what’d he’d do without Nikki. We’ll get through this together ~hug~

Celeste’s sorry Kyle couldn’t join them. Not really – she’s glad to have had Lola all to herself. Lola’s also glad they talked. Of course you’ll always have a place in my life. Where are you going? Lola’s alarmed when Celeste rushes out to pack – meet you at home. Mom, wait …. Kyle and Mariah come over to hear that something got lost in translation. Mom thought I invited her to move back in.

Do you hate me? I hate me, Lola feels she screwed up. Kyle’s OK with it – we have the next 60+ years to be together. Give your Mom this time. Stop making me love you so much, Lola hopes this won’t drive Kyle insane. Not a fan of celibacy, he thinks it’ll be hot sneaking around to hook up.

Returning to her office, Vikki saw Dad by the elevator. Yes, Nikki’s taking him home for lunch. He’s having a hard time depending on others. Yes, the side effects should be temporary. But if the experts are wrong, Nikki’s not sure how Victor will handle it. He’ll soon be back to his controlling, cantankerous old self, Vikki’s sure. But, after her Mom leaves, she looks worried.

Billy hesitates before ringing the doorbell. Ester answers – Kevin’s still not here. Billy knows that – he came to get the doll. Come in – it’s right where you left it. Picking the doll up, Billy hears Delia’s giggle. Yes, I’m OK, he lies to Ester.

That was good news, Nick assumes Chelsea’s tears are happy ones. Yes, she didn’t want to believe Adam was capable of killing Adam. You were worried about Adam? Nick’s surprised. Yes, for Connor’s sake. She worried about Adam coming after Connor and yes, Paul arresting her. Adam can’t hurt you; Nick won’t let him. Live the life you want.