Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

After a tour of Ashley’s company (and now seated at the outdoor cafe) Jack jokes that he wasn’t taken into her top-secret lab and teases that JCV is outselling Abbott Exchange. For now, she smiles and is really glad Jack surprised her with a visit (even though she talked to Billy and knows it was his idea) What really brings you to Paris? Ashley wonders.

Summer and a shirtless Theo are sprawled out on a blanket in the park, taking selfies that are sure to ‘blow her feed up’ ~kiss~ Hello you two, Phyllis appears. Stuttering and sputtering ‘Ma’am’ a few times, Theo hurries into his shirt and escapes. What’s so important that you had to chase Theo away? Summer asks. Phyllis finds his awkward act cute (and fake) – she knows he’s a player. He got you drunk the other night. No, I did that to myself, Summer corrects. Phyllis’ lecture isn’t over – stay focussed – this thing with Theo has to stop.

There’s not much to tell – Kyle’s time in New York was just two dumb young dudes doing stupid stuff. I was a man-child with a bank account. There may have been a few temper tantrums. Kyle’s not overly proud of everything that happened but promises it’s nothing for Lola to lose sleep over. With a kiss, Kyle heads off to work. Rey appears to ask if they were discussing wedding plans. No, and the way Lola hurries off tells Rey that everything’s not OK.

Nate and Abby are in the former Ashby home. Lily loved this place and would probably like the idea of you buying it and making new memories here, Abby thinks. Nate wonders if Cane would be reminded of his family falling apart every time he saw him. There’s only one way to find out, Abby replies.

Traci’s not sure what Cane means by a ‘new reality’. New York could be a fresh start for us – to see if we could make it real, Cane’s phone beeps. What is it? Traci asks. The stars aligning, Cane says as he types a reply. What’d he say? Abby asks Nate. He said ‘yes’. Abby’s so excited – you bought a house! ~kiss~

Elena’s glad to find Devon home ~hug~. I missed you – and I missed you too. Devon’s done some thinking while Elena was working the night shift. He had an idea he can’t shake. This feels right. I think we should live together. Yes, as a couple. Elena needs to go take a shower – then we can take a walk and talk about this.

Over wine and lunch, Jack can’t honestly say why he’s in Paris. Or why he’s in a ‘funk’. Choking up, he tells Ashley that he has plenty of reasons to be walking on air and not sure why he isn’t.

Back at the park, Summer assures her Mom that Theo’s exactly what she needs right now. And they weren’t slacking off – we’re working on my brand as an influencer (on top of her job at Jabot) Phyllis suggests Summer stop taking selfies and come work at Dark Horse; the new hotel (you could be the social media marketer) Is everything OK? Theo reappears; he heard about the hotel opening – if you need any help with the launch party, hit me up (for a list of celebrities he can fly in) When Phyllis shows interest, Summer laughs – you can’t even focus on me for ten minutes. You’re such a hypocrite. Ignoring Phyllis’ attempt to talk, Summer grabs Theo and drags him away.

It’s nothing. OK, it might be something but Lola doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Kyle has a past in New York she knows nothing about. Rey reminds that he’s a detective and can look into it. His offer declined, Rey’s advice to Lola is to trust her instincts, don’t bury them like he did with Mia. If you have questions, get answers.

Cleaning up breakfast, Cane’s happy the house will stay in the family – Mattie and Charlie can stay there when they’re in town. Traci’s proud of the way Cane’s handling all the changes. Cane feels like he can live this moment now; this moment here with Traci.

Strolling in the park hand in hand, Elena decides they’ve already addressed most of the things couples decide when moving in together – what to watch on TV etc. But, this small move down the hall will mean a big change. Devon knows that – the something missing from his life is Elena. He wants her face to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up. I’m ready – are you?

Now at Society, Nate raves about the size of his new garage – room for two riding lawn mowers. He thanks Abby for coming along. What are you doing later tonight? Abby invites him to be her plus one at the Newman family dinner. I’ll text you the details. See you later. Lola comes out to make fun of Abby’s ‘blinding’ smile then needs to pick her brain on something. Abby’s on a roll with advice today – lay it on me.