Thursday, July 18th, 2019

At Dark Horse, Phyllis ends a call to warn Adam that she had a chat with Rey – he knows you were connected to Chance in Vegas – and that I know too. He’s wasting his time; Adam always used an alias playing high stakes poker under an alias and flew under the radar. If there’s something that would look bad in court, Nick probably knows – plan your strategy accordingly, Phyllis cautions.

Nick and Chelsea are all dressed up for dinner at the ranch. He’s glad she decided to come and both think Victor wants her there (which is surprising considering what she did) Nick’s opinion is the only one that matters to Chelsea – he can’t afford to lose any allies in his fight against Adam.

Nick and victor admire the beautifully set table at Society. How nice that everyone’s getting along (with one exception) You’re surrounded by people who love you, Nikki encourages – no one will judge you no matter what happens. No matter what happens, Victor echoes.

Let the party begin, Abby hugs her Dad and Nikki then announces that Nate is her plus one. A wise choice, she’s told but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – no need to hand out prenups or anything. Victor greets Billy and Vikki warmly then surprises her by wanting to discuss a business deal – he noticed something she may have missed.

At CL’s, Kyle approves of Summer’s influencer gig but not Theo. No, I’m not sure you DO know what you’re getting yourself in to.

Summoned to Lola’s kitchen, Theo’s happy to talk to the woman who tamed Kyle. About that, she’d like to know more about the untamed Kyle (who won’t discuss his life in New York) He’s a different guy now – Theo’s sure Lola has stuff in her past too. Not really. And tired of vague answers, Lola wonders ‘what exactly went on in Kyle’s life in New York City’?

Sorry about that, Lola sends some entrees out and continues her chat with Theo. Seriously, New York was no big deal; Kyle’s trying hard to be a different guy. I mean.. he IS. Theo can see how serious Kyle is about Lola – you’re so different from the other women he’s been with so he’s being cautious – because you’re … smart. There’s no cause for alarm. Theo makes Lola even more curious as to what her fiance’s hiding. It’s only fair that you know what went on, Theo finally agrees to tell Lola the truth.

Theo’s got this way, he knows how to work people, Kyle says. It’s called charm, Summer sees no reason for him to be concerned. She’s not as wild as she once was but isn’t ready to settle down. Kyle had to say something (and getting nowhere exits the coffee shop)

Phyllis is giving Adam information as she gets it. I owe you for giving me a chance to turn it around. This is what good partners do (giving Adam a tip so he can get in front of this) What happened between you and Chance in Vegas? Adam appreciates the heads up and values their partnership too. He won’t confide in Phyllis but will show her his appreciation.