Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Ashley thinks Jack’s so used to running from crisis to crisis that he doesn’t know what normal is any more. Instead of being relieved that nothing’s wrong, you feel like something’s missing. That’s how Ashley felt when she first arrived in Paris. Eventually, she learned to relax. Losing Neil, Mother slipping away – Ashley realizes what a gift life is. Now let’s go get chocolate mousse. An emotional Jack thanks his sister. I love you, she says with a hug.

Again, Traci’s not sure what Cane’s saying. He can’t predict what will happen next month, next year – but he’d like to find out what comes next, with Traci. Their hands clasped, Traci gasps through her tears – Oh Cane. Um….

Rey barges into Phyllis’ office to ask some questions pertaining to a case he’s working on. About what? Not what – who.

Elena and Devon make love in his (now their) bed. It must be a very comfy bed because both seem thoroughly satisfied.

Back in New York, Cane’s embarrassed – did I get this wrong? No, it’s all so lovely. In tears, Traci thought so too – she was caught by surprise to have butterflies again and awaken with hope. The first kiss you imagined. You’re talking like this is over, Cane sighs. Traci knows exactly when it started for her. Cane asked how she was and actually waited for an answer. It was amazing. Traci realized she’s a person worthy of attention, respect. When you inspired my writing it was thrilling. Flynn is exactly like you. But, now that that’s over. Traci would hate for Cane to think she used him – you’re good and decent. I’m grateful to have you for a friend but that’s all we’ll be. Cane considers Traci one of the best friends he ever had. Traci promises to always be there for him ~hug~

At CL’s, Summer’s impressed with the way Theo handled himself with her Mom. She’s surrounded by Debbie Downers, like her Mom and Kyle. Yeah, Kyle’s a major Debbie Downer; he’s changed a lot – but Theo won’t share any juicy details of their time in New York. It’s up to us to carry the torch and have all the fun. Having to get to a meeting, Summer gives Theo a kiss – he’ll text her later.

Lola asks Abby if she knows anything about the time Kyle spent in New York with Theo. No, but Abby’s sure they were idiots. Hearing that Theo keeps bringing up their wild past, Abby guesses he just misses his party buddy. Kyle doesn’t want anything to do with that. Lola agrees but can’t help but feel that Kyle’s holding back. Abby’s sure he’s mortified about how immature and obnoxious he was (just as she regrets her Naked Heiress days) Don’t be insecure – focus on who Kyle is now; a pretty great guy. When Abby goes to take a call, Lola calls Theo to see if he has a few minutes to talk today.

Still at Dark Horse, Rey informs that he’s looking into the whereabouts of Philip Chancellor IV. Wow – his family must be worried but why ask me? Phyllis is puzzled. Chance fell off the grid shortly after you went to Vegas, Rey wonders if she ran into him. No, Phyllis wanted to ask Chance where his half brother Ronan Malloy is but couldn’t find him. End of story. Good luck with your search. Rey leaves looking suspicious and Phyllis sits behind her desk looking extremely worried.