Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Nick worries that Adam will try to turn Christian against him – give him ice cream for breakfast etc. Impossible – Vikki (or her nanny) will be supervising and while she won’t disobey the Judge’s order, she will make it more difficult for Adam to schedule visitation while being more accessible to Nick (who really appreciates his sister taking this on with everything else she has going on) When Chelsea asks, Vikki admits that Billy doesn’t know yet but is sure he’ll be fine with it.

Adam denies he’s plotting anything, he’s just frustrated and not used to sitting back and taking orders. Knowing how the system works, Sharon warns Adam that he’ll regret it if he doesn’t abide by the rules (then reminds that he didn’t exactly play fair)

After dinner, all rave about Elena’s stroganoff. Nate will make a roast beef dinner when he’s settled into his new house. Pleased that Cane’s moved on, all raise a glass to toast starting new chapters in their lives.

Nick chokes up as he hands Christians’ backpack to Vikki – along with some instructions on bedtime reading. Chelsea can’t stand watching Nick go through this – I could have stopped this from happening, she sniffles.

Sharon gently scolds Adam for his dirty tricks (the video) It was the truth – and Adam just wants the life that’s supposed to be his; the loving family life he’s being denied (by Chelsea and Nick) My heart bleeds just as much as theirs, he takes a drink. Sharon knows but worries what the rage inside Adam will drive him to do. How can she help? Repeatedly assured that Adam will be OK, Sharon leaves – call if you need me.

Mike drops by the Chancellor Estate to update Kevin (who strongly believes Christian should be with Nick) Mike points out that he only left his client ‘high and dry’ to save Kevin from making the biggest legal blunder of his life. When Mike wonders what Adam will have them do next, Kevin reminds that he already has a plan to end this once and for all.

Our first official dinner party was a success, Elena and Devon agree as they pause tidying up to kiss. Ana barges in to end a call with ‘See you soon. I love you too’ – then informs that her Dad’s in the hospital.

How is it your fault? Vikki hears that Adam would have dropped the lawsuit against Nick if Chelsea and Connor moved back in with him. Christian wouldn’t be leaving his home tonight. Nick knows it wasn’t a real offer – it was a test; a mind game. Chelsea feels that with Connor still at summer camp, she could have persuaded Adam somehow. There’s nothing you could have done, Nick’s sure. Vikki agrees. You ARE helping – just by being here, Nick then gets a call – the social worker’s on the way. It’s time. Vikki leaves yet another message for Billy – it’s important.

This seat taken? Sharon joins Billy at Society. His phone died – what happened. Vikki will want to be the one to fill you in, Sharon hedges. Billy then confides that Adam being in town is messing with his head. He’s not able to bury the feelings. How bad has it gotten? A few nights ago, Billy sat with a gun in his hands and fantasized about killing Adam.

Kevin’s not talking about killing Adam – just getting him off their backs permanently. He’s forgotten who he’s dealing with. If anyone can put Adam in his place, it’s us. When Chloe sends Kevin a text, Mike has the answer – tell her you’re coming home now.

Mike insists Kevin get back to Chloe and Bella while Adam’s distracted with the custody case use those new ID’s and vanish; start a new life. The only reason Mike did Adam’s bidding was so Kevin could return to his family. Go! While you still can! Kevin goes upstairs to pack.


Ana tells Devon and Elena that Jett’s having problems with his vocal cords again. The doctors ran some tests. When Devon and Elena insist on going to the hospital with Ana (on the private jet) she’s ‘floored’ by their generosity. Friends and family come first, Devon tells Ana to get used to it.

It was just a fleeting thought – Billy locked the gun away again. Sharon remembers that he once held a gun to Adam’s head. Billy won’t sacrifice his life with Vikki and the kids to get rid of Adam. He’s more troubled by his dreams and the feeling that something’s wrong. It’s like my daughter’s haunting me – trying to tell me something. He relays finding a doll that Ester had packed away – then ‘Daddy’ written on furniture the same as in his dream – more writing behind wallpaper. Billy again rejects talking to a psychiatrist – he trusts Sharon. I’m not a professional, but Sharon agrees to be a sounding board.

Taking a drink, a teary-eyed Adam looks at a framed photo of Connor (or is it Christian?)

After Chelsea leads Christian in, Nick sits him down to explain that he’ll be staying with Aunt Vikki and his cousins for a little while. Don’t worry – I’ll see you all the time. Chelsea and Vikki hold back tears as does Nick as he reminds Christian that he’s a Newman. You’re tough. Be a good boy. I love you ~hug~ Your cousins will be so happy to see you, Vikki puts on a brave face – let’s go have some ice cream. After they leave, Nick’s floodgates let loose as Chelsea watches on helplessly.

Abby’s impressed with what Nate’s done with the house he bought off Cane – so impressed she takes him to bed.
Looking shake
Sharon looks out her window at the sunny day. At the penthouse, Adam also looks out his window; shaking and still drinking. Nick’s having a drink too when Chelsea comes out to hug him.

Kevin comes downstairs with his bags packed. Off to the unknown, Mike tells his little brother not to worry about him – just take care of that family of yours. Kevin appreciates Mike taking care of him ~hug~ I love you, they both say before Kevin leaves.

Billy’s at Delia’s grave to express how much he misses her – maybe that’s why he’s having weird dreams and seeing messages that aren’t there. Scary stuff. I’m going to get some help. I won’t lose control again. I can’t do it to Vikki and the kids – or you. ‘Poor Daddy’, a little girls’ voice echoes in his head.